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Continuous Professional Development

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  • Published On: 24-11-2023

Continuous professional development as described by the institute of translation and interpreting in the united kingdom is the systematic broadening, improvement and maintenance of skills and knowledge (Dastyar, 2019). CPD can assist the interpreters as well as translators to gain efficiency and better level of skills faster. Also, professionals need to keep on improving knowledge, therefore, they should keep on learning even after obtaining a formal qualification (Hubscher-Davidson and Borodo, 2012). CPD helps to improve the retention of staff and their motivation and morale is improved. To add, it is essential in filling the gaps and improving staff skills. The efficiency and work place performance are improved. Reflection is crucial since it is a way of finding a solution to a problem that one could have encountered (Lyons, 2010). As I took interpreting assignments, I made sure that I was well prepared for the task. I had to review the purpose as well as the terms and conditions for the assignment. Also, I knew that it was necessary to be briefed on the same and asked for the preparation materials in advance for the best preparation. To add, I updated and compiled a glossary of terminologies to be used. I was well prepared to ensure that I delivered according to the expectations. As a professional interpreter, I was keen on listening as well as used my cognitive, motor and sensory skill excellently. Whatsapp Proper management of interpreting assignment is crucial since it involves passing of a message from one person to another. The interpreter should ensure that the message is not distorted (Corsellis, 2008). I had made sure that I went through the preparation materials and compiled a glossary of terminologies which helped me deal with complex terminologies that had no equivalent translations. Several words that would explain the terminologies were used so that the target audience could get the message like it was meant to be. The approach that I took to dealing with cultural differences is that I first did a research on the culture and I learnt some of the most important cultural norms. I was also very keen in listening so that I could capture every word that needed to be interpreted. To add, I ensured that I complied with the principles of professional practice. Having a regular review with professionals is crucial for interpreters. It assists the interpreter to improve the overall performance (Publishing, 2012). The professionals take time to analyze the performance and they highlight the areas that need to be improved. Also, the training needs are identified. The professional is able to identify the areas that one is weak in, hence the areas that one needs to be trained on. Similarly, feedback is equally important. Positive feedback motivates the interpreter to work harder. On the other hand, negative feedback allows one to identify their mistakes (Publishing, 2012). This helps them to identify the areas they need to improve on, hence making one to be a better interpreter. Listening is one of the skills that a professional interpreter ought to possess (Hubscher-Davidson and Borodo, 2012). I have excellent listening skills, and I am able to capture all the spoken words. Also, I take time to prepare before undertaking an assignment so that I can deliver top notch interpretation. However, I have learnt that to improve my interpreting performance, I need to build up my vocabulary. I have encountered a problem during an assignment where complex terminologies which were not in my glossary were used. Also I have learnt that it is important to take notes. There was a time that I forgot some of the points that had been raised, therefore I saw the need of taking notes. To add, I have learnt to concentrate and get away from distractions that would distract me from the interpretation. The future training needs that I still need are how best to overcome cultural differences. Also, how to develop and use abbreviations and symbols. To conclude, I would like to create a plan on professional development which will help me to develop my skills, knowledge and professional practice. To develop my interpretation skills, I will ensure that I liaise with my mentor and other professionals to for mentorship and guidance. Also, I will continue reading relevant books to increase my knowledge on the same. To add, I will be practicing when an opportunity arises to perfect on my interpretation skills. I will come up with a plan that I will use to evaluate my performance for consistency. The professional opportunities that I have identified and I think are suitable for me are being an educational interpreter, conference interpreter or foreign language translator and interpreter.

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