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Evaluation of training program

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  • Published On: 11-12-2023

Evaluation of training program

Training evaluation focuses on attempting to obtain relevant information on the effects of the training program in the organisation (Beinicke and Kyndt, 2020). The Kirkpatrick Model is effective to evaluate the organisational training program, which includes four steps that are reaction, learning, behaviour and results (Schultz et al., 2019). Training evaluation is essential aspects of the organisation Top Fashion, to maximise the customer’s satisfaction and engaging them in the organisation, where the efficiency of the staff will be helpful to create values for all the clients. The staff being ages 17-23 and there are 14 male and 9 female participants in the training, where they are open minded and communicative with each other. The major training programs at Top Fashion are team building exercise, learning seminar, group evaluation, practical role play and questions from group, where the participants develop their skill and knowledge to engage the customers and provide them high quality services. The learning process and resources including the inclusive learning, training and seminars as well as internal IT infrastructure and technological advancement are effective to improve the training program and engage the staff in the organisational activities for better customer’s service.


Figure 1: The Kirkpatrick Model

The Kirkpatrick Model

Figure 2: Training evaluation process at Top Fashion

 Training evaluation process at Top Fashion

As per the training evaluation, the process at Top Fashion is effective to engage the staff and develop knowledge and skill set of customer’s service. Through training, it is possible to create good learning environment with partnership working practice and high communication, where the customers are also engaged and encouraged to provide feedback. The staff members try to improve their service efficiency through reviewing feedback and continuous improvement through participating in quiz, seminars and team building exercise. The staffs at Top Fashion are able to review their performance and communicate with the customers to deliver high quality services by fulfilling their requirements and providing high quality products of Top Fashion.

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