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Food Retail Industry

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  • Published On: 18-11-2023
Identification of an ethical pressure on the Food Retail industry

Food retail industry has been widely recognized for its growing innovation and process of doing business entirely on the basis of standards of ethical regulations. However, it has been identified from that the sector is being recently noticed to have suffering from tremendous ethical pressure of sustainable food and drink supply (Team, 2018). In other words, it has been acknowledged here about waging war on plastics as well as quality of food values being supplied through Fair-trade


Critical Reflection on the ramifications that the ethical pressure had on the business operations of the chosen sector

According to social sustainable framework is concerned, ethical perception of food production appears to be green filter process, which involved a long-term aspect of environmental, economic and social dimension (Sharpe and Barling, 2019). In this respect, the ethical pressure of food retail business is not limited to the production process, but identifying the principle driver of unsustainable aspects and focusing on governance and policy frameworks applicable for enhancement of these practices.

Ways of addressing the challenges

Considering the above ethical pressures notified, it can be addressed with some suggestive ways like in terms of managing it would be controlling the barriers of conventional supply chain network so that it could be able to implement greener chain of supply (Bui et al. 2019). On the other hand, it can also be suggested to have inclusive governance by adopting pragmatic approach of ethics. Hence, it may have some effective changes in terms of quality and sustainability.

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