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Market Reserch Plan Marrioott Hotels


Reconsidering the past the change of time has completely transformed the ways that the marketing is done. The business sectors are depending on new technologies to sell their products and services. The organizations worldwide are doing things beyond imagination to attract the consumers and expand their business. The review would give a clear view of the ways Marriott hotel, UK expands their business through diversified marketing strategies. The purpose of the marketing plan is to enhance the occupancy of the renowned hotel Marriott and how they set their business internationally (Nikolskaya et al.2018). The research is prepared for the hotel sectors to imply in the business new techniques to uplift their work results. The study reflects light on the marketing plans of marketing mix, digital marketing and content marketing. .


The Marriott Hotel, one of the renowned sectors of the UK has been serving their customers coming from all the corners of the world with their elite services and attracting more new and existing customers every year (Marriott International, 2020). The marketing plan of the hospitality sector let it have a smooth flow in the execution of the business and make it one of the top hotels serving people with pride.


The marketing Research plan:

The marketing plans and strategies are especially made to attract the customers and find the best possible way to serve them and grow the business (Shuen.2018). To conduct a market research one has to follow the few steps likely: identification of the demand, selection of the appropriate way of data collection, designing a questionnaire, collection of data with regards to the questionnaire, analysis of the data collected.

Consumer Perception and Decision Making

 Primary and Secondary researc

The primary method is more likely to be effective as it relates directly to the customer relation and feedback whereas secondary research work keeps pace with the previously collected data (Morgan et al.2019). However the secondary research method would provide the researchers with the old recorded data that has been collected previously.

The advantages and the disadvantages of the primary and the secondary research are as follows:

The advantages and the disadvantages

Creating customer values and engagement:

Harmeling et al.(2017), rightly opined marketing mainly engages to serve the customers with quality service and earn profit. The Marriott hotel range, UK believes in serving their customers with quality services as they are the assets of the organization. The hotel creates customer values by making the customers believe that they are valuable for their upbringing (Blanchard.2018). Marriott hotel chains offer its customers magnificent services to make them fall in love with it. The brand provides the visitors with elite services at an affordable price and surprises the customers with Wi-Fi services, quality food, recreation and heavenly ambience at a guaranteed rate. The hotel of the Marriott, UK could improve its business by maintaining its standard and taking regular surveys and researches through feedback and questionnaires. It could enhance its business by reducing rates as per the needs of the customer, by providing discounts and improving the services through proper training of employees (Grewal et al.2017). The renowned hotel chain could also attract customers by sending surprise gifts and wishes on the customers’ special occasion this as a result would increase the loyalty of the customers.

The Marketing Mix

The marketing mix is a helpful tool in understanding the current service offering by the Marriott’s, UK (Kwok et al.2020).

Product- Marriott offers their valued customers with committed clean standard hotel rooms, magnificent services, best guaranteed price and extraordinary experiences.

Place- the renowned organizations could be located through the websites, social Medias, news advertisements. The stakeholders like the employees, the managers, the suppliers, producers and the customers all play a very crucial role in the upbringing of the whole organization.

Price- the hotel chain guarantees to offer their valued customers with the best ever price that any other hotel sectors could offer. To execute this firm keeps a detailed study of the competitor brands and acts accordingly.

Promotion- the most important part of promotion is done through social Medias, online services which the present customers are most compatible with (Blanchard.2018). It also focuses on the needs and the requirements of the customers through service and feedback and most importantly through after service calls.

Segmentation, targeting and positioning:

The Marriott mainly segments its customers into few groups such as customers coming for leisure holidays, business trips or family vacations. Through this segmentation the hotel chain can decide how much profit it can make from each segment (Camilleri.2018). However, it focuses mainly on the families and customers coming for leisure as their positive experience could make them loyal customers and at the same time they would further their experiences with other people bringing in more new customers (Grewal et al.2017). The hotel positions its presence among the other industries by giving the best services with guarantee and pride.

The Marketing Environment (Micro):

To maintain a trusted relationship with targeted customers the Marriott international relies on the marketing environment which is made up of the Actors and the Forces (Bilgihan.2018). The micro marketing environment based on the SWOT analysis. The Marketing Environment (Micro) The company can learn from its weakness by giving quality training to the staff and employees and holding them for a longer time to serve the company. The cultural difference among the employees could be eradicated by making them manage under a liable and potential manager (Grewal et al.2017). The advertisement could be made stronger by surveying the needs and the requirements of the customers and accordingly presenting the advertisement to give a vivid description of the services that are to be provided to the valuable customers at an unimaginable breathtaking rate.

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The Marketing Environment (Macro)

Marriott is recently a successful expansion of the UK which has seen a significant revenue growth with the time. The macro marketing environment of the company could be understood through the PESTLE analysis of the Marriott’s (Camilleri.2018). The Marketing Environment The Marketing Environment (Macro)


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