Mastering Effective Presentations: Structure, Conviction, and Personal Charisma

Problem Statement:

How you will prepare yourself to make a presentation which is both structured and convincing, as well as makes use of your personality characteristics.

A successful presentation consists of two essential elements; firstly a good visual presentation and secondly, a verbal presentation. A good visual presentation is one that captures the attention of the viewer, it consists of several steps. First, one must be cognizant of their audience’s knowledge and interest, second ensure that the title and contents are crisp and easy to understand, thirdly technical or difficult terms should be kept to a minimum and fourth, everything should be concise and point wise (Gallian, 2005).


However, the most important part of the presentation is the delivery of the presentation, which must be done along with the visual presentation. The first part is the preparation, the speaker needs to familiarise themselves with the material but not limit himself to only the points in the presentation. It is wise to prepare the speech before the actual delivery and practice delivering the material enthusiastically instead of delivering it like it is a task. Aristotle elucidated three main points which leads to a successful presentation; ethos, pathos and logos. Respectively, they advise the speaker to establish a place of respect before beginning the presentation, connect with the audience at an emotional level to gain their empathy and attention and lastly, your speech should come across as rational and reasonable to the audience (Grimaldi, 1980).

Gallian (2006) argues that a good delivery depends on the body language too and the presenter should keep moving in the space provided to him. Voice modulation to change tones and to grab the attention of the audience when it is wandering is essential.

Personalising the presentation by starting with a story is a good idea as it makes the audience think they are active listeners instead of a passive audience. Another way to do that is to properly structure the presentation; the starting should not be excessively intense. The presenter can start with a joke, establish an informal bond with the audience. Then, he can move onto the central material of the presentation, it is important that he elucidates only on the salient points and doesn’t excessively read from documents. Finally, the finish should be memorable; an anecdote or a poignant thought will ensure the audience thinks of the presentation even after its long over.

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1. Gallian, J.A., 2006. Advice on giving a good powerpoint presentation. Math Horizons, 13(4), pp.25-27.

2. Grimaldi, W.M., 1980. Aristotle, rhetoric I: A commentary (Vol. 1). Fordham University Press.

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