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Museums often hold artifacts which were looted or taken from their places of origin

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  • Published On: 05-12-2023

Museums often hold artifacts which were looted or taken from their places of origin.

‘These should be acknowledged and if requested, they should be returned’.

To what extent do you agree with this statement?

1st person: What do you think about holding artifacts which were looted from the original places or borrowing them?

2nd person: it is the fact that the museums hold the artifacts by buying them from the places of origin or borrowing them

3rd person: The museums are effective to link the social, political and cultural activities of the country where the local museums try to hold different artifacts for increasing the knowledge and understanding of the individuals.


1st person: Yes, I also agree to the same that, it is necessary for the museum to show the artifacts for increasing knowledge of the people in the society and hence the local museums are beneficial to improve understanding of the individuals about the culture, social and political activities as well as history.

2nd person: Actually, the museums have the power to create unity on both the social and political level.

3rd person: Exactly my point and that is why the local museums are necessary to be maintained well for increasing the knowledge of the individuals about heritage and other activities in the society

1st person: The local museums are able to provide a sense of community and place by celebrating a collective heritage offering a great way to understand the history and it is also helpful to develop community with histories knowledge and improve cultural diversity management practices.

2nd person: However, the artifacts must be returned to the original places if it is demanded by the authority.

3rd person: Yes, the museum must return the artifacts to the original if demanded. In the 20th century, the Americans return the artifacts to Ethiopia.

1st person: Yes, it is true, but the artifacts must be kept in the museum safely to develop inter cultural communication and understanding, as it is helpful to develop cultural mix by providing information about trade, religion, war and forces, people and their activities

2nd person: I also agree to the same that, it is necessary for the museum to hold the artifacts as there are many school children, common people in the society and college students who visit the museums for identifying the historical activities and get good knowledge about different culture and social practices.

3rd person: However, there are some illegal actions. “Ethiopia’s demand has always been the restoration of those illegally looted treasures. Not to borrow them”, which may hamper the transfer of knowledge and historical activities among the people (The Guardian, 2019).

1st person: I agree that, museum is the place of sharing knowledge and history about culture, social activities, trade and other political practices and it is necessary for the museum to hold the artifacts for attracting the audiences and sharing knowledge through visualization.

2nd person: Yes, it is true, but some of the people agree that the Museums often hold artifacts which were looted or taken from their places of origin

3rd person: With effective permission and legal advice, the museums are holding the artifacts and manage their safety successfully.

1st person: However, if it is requested to return the artifacts to the original, the museums must return it to the places of origins.

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2nd person: Yes, I also agree to the same as the recent activities of the museum refer that they are bound to return the artifacts if it is requested by the places of origin.

3rd person: I do not agree to the same, as the museums have the right to store the artifacts safely and the whole process of buying or borrowing the artifacts is legalized. There are ethical practices which are implemented in the museum for storing the artifacts and managing its quality safely (Daniels, 2020).

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