My Journey to Business Management

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  • Published On: 12-12-2023

Currently, there is an increasing growth in the world’s organizational concepts, which requires to be more effective and efficient. Besides, the way business directly and indirectly, affect the lives of so many people excites me the most. Therefore, to follow my dreams, I pursued a Higher Education Diploma from City & Guilds – London, Diploma in Business from The College of Haringey – London, and pursued an A-Level or equivalent in Business Management from Southgate College – London. I am confident that I am the most effective candidate to pursue my studies in business management at your institution from my educational background. Moreover, from my previous studies, I have improved my communication skills, critical thinking, and teamwork skills which I believe are essential in this field. Also, I have gained various relevant experiences over the past years. For example, I have worked as a receptionist at Consortio Security Ltd. From this position, I have advanced my communication skills, analytical skills, and customer skills. Additionally, I have worked as a Gatehouse Security Officer at Expeditious Services, COVID-19 Test Centre Security at W4G Security, and as a Fire Marshall Supervisor at Brit Sec Limited. I have advanced my teamwork skills, management skills, and leadership skills from these positions, which are vital in this field of study.


I am fascinated by a bachelor's degree in Business Management since it equips learners with a wide variety of business roles in a global job market, including innovation, entrepreneurship, corporate strategy, and multinational management. Similarly, the field of study equips learners with the necessary and transferable skills, understanding, and techniques needed for successful managerial careers in the global economy. Also, I have chosen a course that will equip me with the necessary knowledge to be competent in various knowledge-intensive and high-tech industries. Therefore, my objective to join this course is to be provided with rigorous and initial grounding knowledge in management, enhance my self-confidence, develop an awareness of the changing local and global business environment and get an ethical and professional problem-solving attitude in management.

I have chosen your institution since it is the best institution that will equip me with appropriate skills. Similarly, I have selected a university that equips students with empirical evidence and theoretical tools necessary for understanding the strategic world and management. The institution also promotes multidisciplinary exploration, which promotes my interest in studying at your reputable institution. More importantly, your institution will enable me to learn from industry experts. Also, I will gain teamwork and collaboration skills. Therefore, I am looking forward to increasing my knowledge in management, gaining a qualification that's internationally recognized, and developing my long-life profession's essential skills.

From my dream to pursue business management, I have found Jeff Bezos, the chairman, CEO, and founder of Amazon inspiring particularly, due to his entrepreneurial skills and role in the growth of e-commerce. Furthermore, from my fascination with reading, I have read Principles of Scientific Management, a book by Frederick Winslow Taylor. From this book, I have understood how to improve industrial productivity while reducing unemployment. Also, from my curiosity to understand management, I virtually attended Strategic Market Management Applications Conference 2020. From this conference, I have gained critical management and marketing knowledge.

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Offered a chance, I will contribute positively to your organization's goals and objectives. Besides being a self-motivated individual, I will help tackle the most challenging management issues to increase the institution's reputation. Furthermore, I am fully committed to working hard since I have chosen the university that will help me be at my very best. Also, I perceive myself as a talented individual; I possess various talents and abilities which will enable me to contribute significantly to your organization.

Yours Sincerely



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