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Optimizing Workforce Management

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  • Published On: 20-11-2023

Managing people in an organization seems to be uprising in terms of quality training, motivation at workplace environment and finding reward or recognition. Elements of HRM are effective areas of focus on these particular activities that has been concentrated in respect to changing pattern of employment within organization. The paper reveals the case study of McDonalds, as one of the most successful worldwide restaurant chains, how they serve their customers with their best services by selecting their employees cautiously and carefully. However, the main issue that seems to be evolving out of the case is that training staff is highly expensive and high staff turnover ratio.

This paper deals with the processes of employment and the steps that the candidate will have to go through to be an employee of the renowned company. McDonald's attempts to appoint their staff wisely as there have been identified issue of managing staff within their work environment ( 2020). Behavioral issues are main focus that can be enhanced for bringing maximum staff satisfaction level. The main aim of the report is to make the consumer and employee bond strong to flourish their business and bring it to the topmost level.

Description of theories
Motivational Theory of Hertzberg’s two factors:
Hertzberg’s Two factor Theory

The hygiene factor is an extraneous factor that is present in the job perspective. Chiat and Panatik (2019), opined that an employee’s position in a organization is dependent on major hygiene factors at workplace environment. It determines the fact that the stiffness and discontent and thus support mental satisfaction, have a lot with motivation but without satisfaction, the mental peace and comfort do not come. In case of McDonald's, it could be observed that the management took several motivational techniques for its employee satisfaction. Depending on the study of the job's vantage point it was taken into account that the two main factors that attained the job's fulfillment were the hygiene factor and the encouragement given to the staff after doing their work properly. The strategy of McDonalds is to grab their customers by giving value to their needs and keeping in mind that customers are their top priority ( 2020). Hence, the theory can be applicable for having better managing form of the staffs as well.

Equity theory
Adam’s Equity Theory

In this theory, employees juxtapose their own output or input proportion given to the company to that of the other staff. This process boosts them to compare and if any staff lag behind they put in their very best to equalize with the other staff and give their very best to the company (Darby and Morrell, 2019). In relation to McDonald's, comparison between the staff would need to be fairly balanced without any discrimination. Although the firm takes special attention on training and thus the company tactfully brings out the best performance from all their staff. This theory hubs on a proper balance of the input given by the employee like the hard work, zeal, skill level to that of the output that is the salary, bonus, benefits and so on so that it makes staff more prone to do a perfect job and eventually bring success for the company.

The balance between Input and Output of Employees

On the other hand, another aspect of the theory throws light on the equitable balance and promises a strong and fruitful relationship between the employee which results in pacifying and stimulating employees. The management of McDonald's seems to be in efficient and not sufficiently balanced trusts in producing good leadership approaches at all stages (Business Insider. 2020). However, from the case study, it is further found that recruitment of the employees is done in a filtered process where there is no scope from the candidate's end to bypass any steps and get through easily as according to this organization the employees are their priceless assets. The central inventiveness puts the limelight on the relationship between the organization, employees, and consumers that brings in success.

Cultural and Change Management Theory
Grid and Group Cultural Theory and Cultural pluralism

The cultural theory highlights on the culture or the sets of values that people follow. In the workplace, it is natural that people from different cultures come forward to work but they have different views, which creates a conflict between the staffs working from diversified background of a company (Markle, 2019). It simply tries to determine the key concept of manifold cultural biases of life due to which it influences on work place culture and relationship. In this regard, it has to pacify this situation the managers of certain companies bring forward equity theory, which helps the staff to work with their full interest without getting involved in such baseless conflicts.

According to Sanyal and Haddock-Millar (2018), it has been identified that having certain change within the management of a company can bring numerous conflicts. It happens to be only due to strong grid of different cultural genres. As it seemed that McDonalds began to progress with its upcoming initiatives for growth; it has changed some updated forms of hourly-paid management position in its services. At the same time, it had also developed its new management curriculum (, 2020). The organization walks forward with employees from different cultures and successfully tackles them and trains them on how to avoid conflicts and work together.

Behavioral theory

With the rapid clutching of globalization, the firm is now able to expand their business worldwide. The training given to the employees about equality, behavior, and culture together takes the company's success to a great height. According to McDonald et al. (2018), behavior depends upon three original dimensions that are the coworker's involvement which is the assistance and the consequences, and gender expectations. From the case study of McDonald, it could be acknowledged that the company’s managers play a significant role in the recruitment of an employee. The interrogator looks for the behavioral proof of that applicant's history that suits with the selection of the job. The main asset of the company is to conduct, the approach, and the presentation that they offer to their consumers (, 2020). It is very much necessary to examine the organization's work culture while studying the organization's leadership and collaboration and stimulus skills and how these cultures are maintained.

Application of Theories
Application of communication between hierarchies

According to De Cremer and Moore (2020), behavioral ethics and business ethics have now become quite important with respect to the organizational culture. Looking at the above communication process, it can be evolved that if the organization takes this approach into practice, it may have low barriers and transparency between all levels. McDonald's believed that the satisfaction of the customers begins with the approach and behavior of its employees. The company has been always trying to excel in delivering the best services to its customers. The company has realized that in order to achieve this objective they need to hire a trained and skilled workforce. The skills and behavior have been an important criterion for the company which they need to assess in every employee.

Division of work at McDonalds, as per Locations

Based on the behavioral theory, the company can look for behavioral evidence in the life history of an applicant that can fit into the requirements as laid down by the company for the job role (Hyun, 2020). Considering the above structure that is applicable for McDonalds’, as it works in multiple locations as a franchisee operator, it can depend on these hierarchical orders so that managing workplace distribution can run well in a better form. This may avoid conflicts as well.

In this respect, it is quite crucial for a company like McDonald's to identify such things at the early stages in order to manage their employees and create a group dynamic among the employees to improve the quality of their services (Scott, 2018). The behavioral theory can be used during the training of the new employees and managers by the company. In this, the company would ensure that the newly recruited managers and employees are sure of their objectives and responsibilities and there is a sense of coordination among the team by enhancing their collaborative skills.

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According to Richardson et al. (2018), Mayo’s work gave rise to human relationship in respect of staff engagement and management is concerned. The influence of personal relationships on an individual’s choice and career is equally important. The relational-culture theory has been practiced by many organizations to identify the multitude of potential and concepts within an applicant. The cultural theory goes very well with the organizational context of McDonald's, where employees across different cultural backgrounds are working together as a team. The company has been recruiting new employees who are friends and relatives of existing employees, which shows the company values the importance of relationships. The importance of the cultural theory for McDonald's lies in the fact that most of the employees, more than 60%, are aged 20 years or below, who in most occasions have fewer values for relationships both in personal and professional life. And this has been a reason that in most cases coordination cannot be built among the employees and this leads to conflicts and poor performance by the employees (Li and Lim, 2017). The cultural theory in such cases can be used by the company to communicate the importance of relationships and cultural values in an organization, and how it helps to create a coordinated working environment for the employees.

The comprehensive training of the employees by the management of McDonald's which helps in career opportunities as well as career progression for the new employees and managers. Managing Performance would be considered as progressive medium of measuring the work in the organization in terms of finding suitable results that is effective employees (Peters and Giacumo, 2020). In this respect, providing areas effects in performance related pay.

The performance of the managers working in McDonald's need to be evaluated in terms of the following concerns:

  • Workplace Safety
  • Good facilities
  • Incentive opportunities
  • Respect and equality
  • Talent Management and recognition

Certain stated areas can be evaluated for better performance as well as focusing on communication between the team, which is fundamental towards building a successful team. Hence, in that case managerial behavior may be crucial in gaining respect and authority over work place quality of services and managing the staffs. Effective communication within the team would help to build mutual trust among the employees and also enhance the work relationships between them. In this way, McDonald's would be able to streamline its operations to deliver excellent service to the customers. The cultural theory would also facilitate McDonald's to build the perfect balance between the male and female employees which would help the company to be more successful.


McDonald's has been a company with repute and success globally. The primary reason has been their ability and competence to manage their workforce efficiently. The company has been transparent with its recruitment policy and has put in a lot of effort to choose the right candidate with the appropriate skills and knowledge. McDonald's has been reviewing the applicants’ right from the interview round in order to assess whether the applicant fulfills the requirements of the role for which the applicant has applied in the company.

The behavioral aspect has been one of the important criteria which the company tried to figure out in every candidate that appeared for the interview. The company has been constantly motivating their employees by creating more opportunities for them. Several programs offered by the company for the employees have been quite encouraging like merit-based promotions. The initiatives taken by McDonald's have been helping them to build a sincere and committed team of skilled and trained employees who can deliver the best and quality service to their customers.

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