Portfolio Reflection On Feedback

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  • Published On: 20-12-2023
Week 5

In order to reflect on the feedback received in assignments, here the model used is Gibbs reflective cycle (Adeani, Febriani, and Syafryadin, 2020). I find this reflective process best suitable for the situation. This is identified as:


As per my performance in week 1, I received feedback on improving the weakness that I had stated. In week 2, I received feedback that my writing was appreciated, however, I was asked to add more words. In week 3 work, I was asked by the assessor to improve on my referencing styles and explain the importance of time management as a student. For week 4, the feedback contained an improvement note on referencing style again. Outcome of the situation is that I have received a clear idea of the issues to focus on.



My take on this feedback is that I need to be more focused when it comes to finding appropriate academic resources and working on in-text citations. Before the feedback, I had no idea where my academic writing skills lacked. After this feedback, I have come across finding out a proper management of references through the links provided in feedback. Other involved people would have tried finding out the possible ways of managing writing issues.


Positive thing about this situation is that I can start working on the faults of academic writing. My plans for the presentation did go well; however, it needed more improvement. Other involve people could have found out best fitted references,


The writing that I had submitted was well structured. However, inadequacy of referencing was a reason behind marks deduction. In week 3 work, I needed to add up more on improvement of the time management cycle. The assessor appreciated my efforts to use the Pomodoro cycle though. It is high time that I back up each statement with adequate citations.


I would like to thank the assessor for giving such detailed feedback to engage in quality improvement. I would like to work on deficiencies of writing style and avoid the mistakes next time onwards,

Action Plan

My action plan will include uses of links that are given by my assessor to improve on my skills. I would also like to go through the University guideline of managing academic research. I will identify a number of academic resources and extract information on time management and managing weakness of a person. All this will be done within a time span of 1 week precisely (Tanaka, Okamoto, and Koide, 2018). I would also watch the seminars and recorded session of class, to gain additional information on work.

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Plan to portfolio:

Step 1: Discussion of the topic

Step 2: Identification of period

Step 3: Identification of individual and group task

Step 4: Academic resource identification

Step 5: Creating a draft plan

Step 6: Working on draft feedback

Step 7: Using a journal to keep track of time

Step 8: Final portfolio design

Step 9: Referencing and intext citation

Step 10: Submission



Adeani, I.S., Febriani, R.B. and Syafryadin, S., 2020. USING GIBBS’REFLECTIVE CYCLE IN MAKING REFLECTIONS OF LITERARY ANALYSIS. Indonesian EFL Journal, 6(2), pp.139-148.

Tanaka, M., Okamoto, R. and Koide, K., 2018. Relationship between Reflective Practice Skills and Volume of Writing in a Reflective Journal. Health, 10(3), pp.283-288.

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