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Reflective assessment

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  • Published On: 20-10-2023

Reflective assessment is important for identifying own skill and abilities as well as evaluate the knowledge for further development (Brendel and Bennett, 2016). The personal and professional development planning can be possible through personal reflective assessment to discuss own skill and abilities as well as develop further development plan for enhancing personal and professional skill required for personal growth (Schedlitzki, 2019). This study is helpful to review my skill and capabilities to perform better and meet the career objective. Through applying jenny moon reflective model, as well as reviewing my own personality test and other skill test, it would be possible for me to evaluate the personal and professional skill and develop further skill set for achieving future success.

As per the personality test, aggressiveness is low, and it further indicates that, I am able to stabilise the position and control my temperament or anger at the workplace. I am able to manage my emotion and cooperate with others to participate in the workplace for fulfilling the working objectives. As per the test of temperament, there are four factors, which are extraversion, sensing, thinking and judging. I am extraversion, sensing as well as feeling and judging, which helps me to discuss the subject matter and enhance communication to express my own knowledge and skill.


Big 5 personality insight, there are five factors which are extraversion, agreeableness, emotional stability, conscientiousness and openness (Horton-Deutsch and Sherwood, 2017). As per my own score, extraversion is at its medium point, which refers that I prefer to rule but at the same time, I try to communicate and cooperate with others. The score of agreeableness and emotional stability is also medium. Agreeableness means that I prefer to work as a team and I enjoy collaboration and cooperation during work, as it helps me to improve my own understanding and share thoughts with others. Emotional stability is also medium which help me to cope up with the stress and tension at the workplace as well as cooperate with others, for developing internal bonding. I try to ask for more opportunities and enhance cooperation at the workplace. Conscientiousness score is high, which refers that I am able to be professional, proficient and highly organised, where I try to work as a team and contribute with my full capabilities to perform the task successfully. The score of openness is medium which indicates that, I appreciate stability but also enjoy changes in the workplace. I try to cooperate with others during change and enhance the workplace culture to perform better.

It is related to coping up with the stress and tension and as per the personality test; I believe that I have the capability to control the workplace by managing stress.

As per assertiveness, I score high which indicates that I have good balance in my emotion and I am able to act rationally and acknowledge others thought and emotion as well. I try to control my own emotion and understand others, and this behaviour further helps me to improve understanding about others and make mutual decision which would be able to fulfil my own needs as well as others preferences.

Decision making skill is important for working with others and achieving the career objective (Daniëls, Hondeghem and Dochy, 2019). As per the score of the personality test, it is 87, which is much higher than average. It further indicates that, I am able to access all the necessary information and make fruitful decision, which is not biased at all. I try to maintain fair decision for the benefits of others where I try hard to analyse the situation and make fair decision.

Emotional intelligence is effective for understanding others at the workplace as well as improves the corporate bonding to work with others (Pierce, 2020). As per the personality test, emotional intelligence is medium which indicates that I can balance at sensitivity at the workplace and manage others. It is beneficial to develop my leadership skill and lead the workers towards achieving the future success. Leading the team through cooperation and communication can also be possible for me to enhance my personality and be the leader in near future. This is advantageous for me to enhance my skill and progress in my career path to achieve the future success.

I score medium at coping with change in the personality test which indicates that I am able to handle conflicts during the change. I try to be extrovert and share my opinion with others. I also value other perspectives and develop teamwork so that every member is encouraged to share the opinion. This further helps me to improve my power to manage others and increase the leadership capability to manage change in the workplace and handle the internal conflicts.

It is the degree to which the individuals can be comfortable with uncertainty, conflicts and multiple demands at the workplace (Robertson, Le Sueur and Terblanche, 2020). As per the personality test, I am organised and try to improve my performance. There is control of emotion and good emotional intelligence skill which further help me to improve bonding with others. I can tolerate the uncertain situation and looking for more creative solutions to achieve the future success.

In personal and professional skill development, problem solving skill is mandatory to be developed further. It is beneficial, to analyse the situation and identify the actual problems in the workplace. This further helps me to improve my decision making skill, where I can recognise the actual issues and make alternative solutions for better performance and organisational growth. As per the personality test, the score of problem solving is medium, which indicates that I am able to face the challenges and overcome it by making alternative solutions. This is beneficial to improve my performance and create innovative decision for achieving the future success.

Jenny moon reflective model is effective to reflect about own skill and abilities and it is beneficial to review own experience and develop further personal and professional developmental planning (Linsley and Barker, 2019; Eng, Hungler and Brant, 2020). I try to apply the Jenny moon reflective model in order to review my experience and skill so that I can evaluate my capabilities and develop further planning to improve my personal and professional skill. In the Jenny moon reflective model, there are four stages, which will be illustrated further for effective reflective assessment.

As per my experience, I try to improve my decision making skill through my working activities, where I concentrate on making creative decision for achieving the organisational success. This further helps me to improve my performance and gather more vast knowledge and skill, where I also try to cooperate with others and improve my emotional intelligence skill. I am also successful to control my emotion and manage the people at the workplace.

I observe that, I am able to lead the team members where it would be helpful for me to achieve my career as a manager. I am also good at decision making and managing changes at the workplace, which provides me a scope to develop bonding and manage the individuals at the workplace. I like to develop team work and manage the people successfully and this is also beneficial to improve the performance of the team, where continuous motivation and encouraging individual’s creativity maximise the organisational productivity as a whole.

From my experience, I realise that, it is beneficial for me to lead the individuals at the workplace more efficiently through enhancing my communication skill. I need to develop my problem solving skill, so that I can understand others perception and analyse the internal situation more critically.

Through experiment, I agree that I have understanding about the subject matter as well as I also understand others behaviour and opinion. I try to work as a team and make changes in the workplace for better performance.

It is mandatory to develop my skill and abilities to achieve the future success. Total time for developing the skill would be 8 months, which is beneficial for meeting the career objectives by maximising the performance and productivity.

  • The skill sets are,
  • Communication skill
  • Leadership skill
  • Cooperation skill
  • Team management skill
  • Interpersonal skill
  • Problem solving skill

It is mandatory to focus on open interaction, positive body language and encouraging others for team work to improve communication skill. Managing people making rules, understanding emotion of others and leading tactics are also important to develop teamwork and leadership skill for future performance and productivity maximisation. Additionally, it is essential for me to develop clear role and responsibility, care others and develop team working to improve my capabilities to perform better with cooperative working practice. Through these activities, it is possible to develop my personal and professional skill within effective time.

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Through the reflective assessment, it is possible to demonstrate own skill and abilities, which are required for achieving the career objective. The personality test in this regard is beneficial for me to identify my own skill set including both personal and professional. I try to improve my team working skill, control my emotion as well as extraversion, judging and sensing are also good for me to work with others. Additionally, I try to learn through gathering experience, which provides me a scope to improve emotional intelligence skill. I try to understand perspective of others and make good bonding for working as a team. Through evaluation, I realise that, I need to improve the professional skill such as communication and cooperation, team developmental skill, problem solving skill so that I can lead the team members in future and achieve success in my personal and professional field.

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