Strategic self marketing planning

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  • Published On: 28-11-2023

Personal and professional skill set is effective for getting a good profile job in a reputed firm and it further provides a scope to fulfil the career objective. My own skill and abilities are helpful to work with others and achieve my career objectives in long run. I try to utilise my knowledge and expertise in my own subject matter of interest as well as the marketing and strategic planning activities of the organisations recently are also fruitful for me to evaluate the current situation and maximise performance with latest technology and creativity. I am good at spoken language, where I can communicate with others and represent my own thoughts and decision at the workplace. I try to utilise the knowledge and skill for working with others so that the job role can be fulfilled further. I am good at developing open communication and group discussion, where I try to interact with others and create a good discussion on working activities and specific topic, which further help to explore new thoughts and strategies to work in the organisational workplace.


I try to analyse the situation and existing issues critically by gathering a vast range of information and organisational data, which further helps me to improve my critical analysis skill. This is important for working in the organisation and resolving the existing issues. I am also efficient in solving problem, where I utilise my problem solving skill and critical decision making skill, in which I try to resolve the critical issues by developing innovative decision for the organisation. This further provides me a scope to take active part in the organisational decision making practice and contribute positively in achieving the organisational aim. Additionally, I also try to gather a vast range of information by communicating with other experts and senior members at the workplace for improving my own capabilities and skill set to maximise performance and productivity.

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I also focus on developing own personality and improving emotional intelligence, in order to understand colleagues at the workplace and working with others. The professional skill set of team work, collaboration and positive body language are also fruitful for me, where I am able to interact with others at the workplace and develop a good team work, so that it would be possible to enhance partnership working practice to fulfil the organisational aim and objectives. Throughout my personal and professional development, I focus on leadership skill developmental, activities, where I am able to enhance emotional intelligence, developing bonding and trust with others at the workplace and ensure conflict management through positive interaction and collaboration, so that I can lead the colleagues and staff members towards achieving the organisational goal. I also try to contribute in the workplace positively and utilise own knowledge and skills set to fulfil my job role and workplace responsibility. Continuous improvement, problem solving skill and creative decision making practice are advantageous for me to analyse the existing issues and explore new innovative alternatives to achieve the organisational goal more creatively, where I can contribute efficiently and enhance my performance and productivity in long run.

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