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The Confluence of Utilitarianism and the Healthy Soul

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  • Published On: 16-11-2023

The ethics in all aspects is to be maintained because is upholds utilitarianism and manage healthy soul. The utilitarianism is the doctrine where actions are considered to be right or ethical if they are useful or beneficial for the people at large (Synowiec, 2016). The three basic principles of utilitarianism are everyone’s happiness gets counted in equal manner, happiness or pleasure has an intrinsic value and actions are always considered to be right when they promote happiness and vice-versa (Faulhaber et al., 2019). The individuals following utilitarianism theory execute ethical actions because it allows the person to morally create greatest good for all rather than being partial or discriminative to think what would be good for a single person. Moreover, it promotes ethics in a person as utilitarianism leads an individual to be concerned for all and be honest in their action to execute Whatsapp good for others (Mokriski, 2020). The Healthy Soul Theory by Socrates mentions that a person required to be virtuous to act ethically as it would allow the individual to create inner peace and develop harmonious surroundings in their environment (Jonas, 2018). A person being a healthy soul would be ethical because it allows them to execute beneficence towards other people out of peace of mind and moral thinking. Moreover, it leads them to avoid causing unnecessary harm to others and develop fair principles of action to control individuals (Jonas, 2018). This indicates that being a health soul would be ethical as it meets all the principle of ethics in action (Jonas, 2018).

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