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What are You Doing to Develop your Interpersonal and Intrapersonal

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  • Published On: 22-11-2023

What are you doing to develop your interpersonal and intrapersonal soft skills and a brief self-evaluation of my “coachability”.

Interpersonal and intrapersonal skills consist of soft skills which are essential for the professional development of the individual. A 2018 survey by LinkedIn discovered that employers valued the presence of soft skills in an employee more than the presence of hard skills. Following are the ways in which I am seeking to develop my own interpersonal and intrapersonal skills: .

  • Work for creative projects: One of the things I wish to do is work with creative projects for the purpose of improving my problem-solving skills. Hobbies like refurbishing of electronics, writing fiction, participating in artistic projects, etc.
  • Improving communication skills: To develop this, I participate in group and volunteer activities often, in order to interact with people more. This also gives me the advantage of getting used to being a part of a team.
  • Analysing data: To get better at data analysis, I use different methods of quantitative and qualitative nature in my academic pursuits. Furthermore, I also try to approach the daily hurdles of life from the perspective of problem-solving mentality.
  • Confidence: An important quality I encourage in myself is having faith in my abilities and developing my confidence. This I do by developing my hard skills and actively seeking out information with regards to how I can turn myself into a more productive and employable individual.
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Self-Evaluation of “Coachability”: Coachability comprises of the ability to learn by incorporating feedback and constructive critique. I believe I am highly coachable for two reasons. Firstly, I am very eager to learn through getting my work evaluated by my seniors and my instructors. I believe the best way to learn is by engaging in the work in practice and not just understanding the theoretical aspects of the work. Secondly, I am highly adaptable in any professional and personal situation and I believe I can easily mould myself into any social situation productively. The ability to adapt with a particular kind of learning technique combined with my ability to understand and implement criticism is what makes me highly coachable. Lastly, I like to engage in the exercise of self-evaluation once in a while, whereby I compare achievements like grades and work experience through the years. Doing so allows me the chance to completely understand where I stand with respect to my achievements in the past and present. Such an approach allows me to see where I am lagging and target that area.


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