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Describe the attraction selection attrition (ASA) framework. How does it help to explain the “maintenance of homogeneity” in organisations?

Human resource management is one of the best practices of the organisation and in this context; recruitment and selection of the staff, attracting the employees and managing them efficiently are the major factors that contribute in retaining the long run employees for the benefits of the organisation (Hsieh, Weng and Lin, 2018). Attraction selection attrition (ASA) Model is effective for retaining the experienced candidate in the company and as per the ASA framework; there are three factors such as selection, attraction and attrition, which are mandatory to fulfil the organisational goal. The companies in the recent years aim at maximising the productivity and performance of the employees to serve the customers by delivering high quality products and services. In this regard, selection and recruitment of the right candidate for the organisational responsibility is mandatory (Danaeefard et al., 2018). Attraction is the strategy, in which the organisation provide job advertisement and attract the candidates and the candidates are drawn to the organisation for the specific job post as per their knowledge and skill set. After that, the management team select the right candidate and recruit them with believe that, they fit to the organisational working activities (Hsieh, Weng and Lin, 2018). Attrition is the process for the employees to get voluntary or non-voluntary leave from the organisation, if the employees cannot be fitted at the workplace. Hence, the performance management and recruitment and selection process must be managed well to recruit the right candidate in the organisation for the benefits of the firm, so that the employees can work as per the organisational job role and strategic aim.

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The ASA framework is hereby beneficial to maintain the homogeneity at the workplace, where job advertisement is for all the individuals irrespective of their cultural diversity, age difference, language gap and demographic diversity (Danaeefard et al., 2018). The managers try to manage cultural diversity at the workplace and recruit the workers as per their skill set and personal abilities. The diversity in language, age, demographic factors and culture do not matter and in the workplace, male and female are also treated fairly and equally. Hence, the ASA framework is effective for maintaining equality at the workplace and treats all the employees fairly irrespective of their culture, demographic background and other diversities in terms of language, age and gender (Link and Jeske, 2017). The individuals, attracted in the workplace, are similar to themselves in terms of personality, skill set, values and interest and other attributes which is also beneficial of the firm to maintain homogeneity among the employees. The organisations would like to select the employees with same skill set, knowledge and past experience which further help the managers to handle the staff member and treat them equally for encouraging them to work productively. Hence, organisational attribute can be handled efficiently as well as the management team can apply ASA framework to select the right candidate for the company and increase equality and fairness for maintaining homogeneity in the organisational workplace.

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