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Planned and Unplanned Learning Worksheets

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  • Published On: 23-11-2023
What are you planning to learn?

In medical practice, accuracy is of great importance. I am planning to best this skill at the community pharmacy. With this kind of knowledge, I will provide patient care that would ensure optimal medication therapy outcomes. This will also provide me with the skills to fulfill my professional obligations to society. Accuracy in pharmacy practice entails understanding the impact of unit operations on the ultimate product quality. I will be able to take responsibility for maximizing patient health outcomes. Learning about accuracy will enable me to ensure proficiency in weighing and measuring skills. Also, I will be able to avoid occurrences that can lead to medication errors successfully. I will develop confidence in the basic manipulation skills and have the ability to concentrate on internalizing rightful procedures rather than putting emphasis on a specific outcome that is summarized numerically. I learned the significance of clarifying any order that can be incomplete, illegible, or poses concerns before administration through a suitable issue resolving process. From that experience, I can now operate the patient-safety technology and managed to administer medication safely. These are inclusive of but not limited to computer order entry, bar codes, and smart pumps.

How are you planning to learn it?


I'm going to learn by applying several ways, which include: 1. Inquiring from the staff members within the pharmacy. These would be inclusive of the pharmacists and dispensers. The questions would be about the ways of ensuring accuracy during pharmacy practice. 2. Reading the pharmacy's information leaflets to highlight the correct procedures for medication preparation and dispensing. 3. Accessing my local community pharmacy websites to review the correct procedures and requirements besides ensuring that I understand besides effectively learning them. 4. Via the Community Pharmacy website, where I would access relevant information and knowledge to magnify my care delivery accuracy skills.

From the lessons, I gained significant knowledge that has significantly impacted my service knowledge. On my placement, the pharmacist informed me of the correct ways of medication preparation and delivery. I learned accuracy improvement skills I did not previously know. The significance of this knowledge to me has been extremely beneficial and incomparable. I have learned the importance of making every part of the production and each result with the utmost accuracy and attention in deep detail. I have realized that accuracy is critical in an exceptional manner since too much or too little medication can impact the potency, effectiveness, and safety in general. I have effectively applied this learning in my practice as a student pharmacy. During the practice, there was a situation where the products and substances were suspected of impurities. I was called upon. Thus I tested for impurities and changes in potency at each step to ensure the safety of the drugs for patients. The testing provided the security of being aware that the products were in continued monitoring for precision, correct composition, safety, and compliance with the rules and regulations governing the preparation and use of medicine. Through this, I was thus able to put all that I learnt into practice as I ensured that I undertook every activity within the community pharmacy since accuracy was the skill that I intended to learn in the quest to avoid medication errors which has been noted as a major cause of death globally due to carelessness or inaccuracy of healthcare professionals.

What are you planning to learn?

I am planning to acquire communication skills during my practice as a student pharmacist. I have the suspicion that such a skill is going to serve me well as a pharmacist. These skills help deliver instructions and enable effective explanations to patients in a manner they can thoroughly understand. Therefore, this ensures optimal achievement of the results. The learning would have a significant beneficial impact on pharmacists and patients. It would enable me to counsel patients, communicating with physicians as well as interfacing with associates. It would be a great addition in employing strategies like counseling and education to patients, therefore, improving the results of drug therapy. Practical communication skills would also help me resolve drug therapy problems. The skills would also help me familiarize myself with the kinds of services offered, the community pharmacy’s practice history, and all working staff at the pharmacy.

How are you planning to learn it?

I will underatke my learning during my placement. During my CPD, my learning process would be through appropriate training techniques and the community pharmacy's opportunity. I would create an ample environment for practicing the skills. Besides, I would use timely and constructive feedback that would demonstrate the importance of effective communication. Since the community pharmacy is always very busy, I would set up a working plan to ensure efficiency in service-offering and good learning opportunities. In summary, the ways through which I intend to learn the skills would include; 1. Setting the stage for communication This would enable me to learn the community pharmacy's working style and its history. The pharmacy's working philosophy would shine a light on a pharmacist's addition in the services offered to patients, thereby giving a direction on the type of communication style to be used in different scenes. 2. Incorporating the learning into the patient care activities This would allow me to interact with patients via counseling, education, and interview. This interaction would serve as great learning opportunities inthe quest for developing functioning relationships with the patients. Hence, they wouldenable me to build practical communication skills as the relationship is based on sharing information.

Give an example of how you have put this learning into practice.

I have put the practical communication skills in practice in several ways. One, I have initiated collaborative working relationships with physicians as I can express myself effectively and clearly. This has been key to my success as a student pharmacist. Besides, I have been able to have successful pharmacy consults on medication issues affecting patients and improve patient outcomes. I currently have productive communication with colleagues at work through good communication. Effective communication has also been of assistance in conflict management within the community pharmacy. I have incorporated communication skills into patient care services. Through these diverse ways, I have been able to put my learning into practice since I have been able to effecvively communicate with patients as well as with co-workers and other healthcare providers during my practice.

Describe an unplanned event or activity that enabled you to learn something new or refresh your knowledge or skills.

While on a placement, I was asked if I would carry out a consultation for the smoking cessation program. I had not done this before and did not know the products that could be supplied or the types of questions to ask during the consultation. Therefore I decided to prepare for it. Smoking cessation is one of the most common services offered by pharmacies. This increased my knowledge of providing this service would benefit me hugely as a developing pharmacist.

Give an example of how you have put this learning into practice.

To prepare, I printed the paperwork to be filled-in during the consultation and learned the information needed to be obtained. I wrote up my list of questions. I also looked up the service specification, which includes the processes to be followed in carrying out the service. I decided to study the differences between the smoking cessation products, what to use, and any adverse effects associated with each type.

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(This mirrors the General Pharmaceutical Council’s form)

Describe an unplanned event or activity that enabled you to learn something new or refresh your knowledge or skills.

During my practice, there was an event whereby many patients were all critically ill, and I was asked to attend to them by my seniors. Not once had I attended to different patients within a short time as they streamed into the pharmacy at favorable intervals. The event increased my multi-tasking skills and offered services to patients fast enough as this would generally impact my pharmaceutical future.

Give an example of how you have put this learning into practice.

I consulted with my seniors and learnt the various techniques of working under pressure and multitasking. I grouped the patients into categories and addressed their concerns based on the related conditions that they were suffering from. From the unplanned activity, I decided to do more research and train on multitasking as a pharmacist and to work in a fast and efficient way.

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