Enhancing Nursing Practice: Leveraging Digital Portfolio Management

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  • Published On: 18-11-2023


Digital portfolio management is important for showing the information and represents it in a synchronized way, the study is about representing the digital portfolio, which provides a scope to represent the data by charts, tabular formation and pictures so that the layout is good for the readers to understand and the information further. The introduction part is effective for starting the study and introduces the background of the study successfully. The discussion in this digital portfolio is about the nursing management and health care activities, where the skill and knowledge of the staff are important (Lall et al., 2019). Through the digital portfolio, the writer will illustrate the background of the study and discuss the nursing practice in a structured way. The introduction is hereby beneficial, to introduce the study topic and discuss the background so that the reader can understand the portfolio successfully.

Recent practice of health and social care management


The recent practice in health and social care management must be evaluated here and in this regard, the writer is able to evaluate the policies and practices of nursing, through which the nurses are able to provide high quality health care services and treatment to all the patients. It is essential to evaluate the practice of nursing for understanding the way of serving the patients with continuous support (Männistö et al., 2020). In this portion, the writer is also trying to discuss the ways to treat the patients in the nursing care as well as the practices in the health care management that would be beneficial for maximise the quality of health and social care services. It is a nursing portfolio, and the steps of managing the patients as well as the internal policies that reshape the organisational strategies to control the patients are effective to be evaluated and represented through the portfolio (Kont et al., 2020).

The writer is going to explore the strategies and the internal practice through which the nurses are trying to deal with the patients and ensure that they will deliver high quality health and social car4e services to all the social communities as a whole.

Academic skill to represent the study

The academic skill set is mandatory to be discussed and it plays a crucial role for the nursing care management where the nurses try to review their activities and represent it through the report. Additionally, for this digital portfolio development, the academic skill and knowledge are also essential (Islam et al., 2020).

The writer is going to discuss the academic skill set and activities, which are mandatory for this study. The digital portfolio is hereby beneficial for the writer to discuss about the academic skill set of the nurses to represent the portfolio and share the necessary information further.

It is related to the personal and academic development where the individual is engaged with the nursing program and the digital portfolio is hereby effective for the individual to represent own academic skill and the professional skill set and knowledge being a nursing student (Car et al., 2019).

For academic skill development, the writing, presentation skills and referencing activities, as well as the knowledge about nursing and health care management will be discussed critically in order to review own contribution and skill for performing better in near future (Cusack and Smith, 2019).

Professional skills in the health care and nursing

The professional skill set is mandatory for nursing management and it is important for the individual to develop the skill set to achieve the career objective (Kaplonyi et al., 2017). The skill set such as leadership, communication skill, patient empowerment skill, as well as team developmental skill, decision making skill, critical analytical skill and the problem solving skill will be included in this portfolio for better evaluation and analysis (Felton and Wright, 2017).

The writer is going to explore the effective professional skill set which are mandatory for the individual and this portfolio is effective to discuss the skill and identify ways to develop the professional skill for better performance in the nursing care and management.

Personal and professional developmental planning

The personal and professional development plan will be proposed in this portfolio, which is mandatory and important part of this portfolio. The tabular formation will be developed where the academic and professional skill is listed. Apart from that, suitable time line will be stated within which the individual can develop the skill. The resources required for skill development and the activities of developing the academic and professional skill set will also be discussed through this portfolio successfully. It is important to be designed in this portfolio for academic and professional skill development for identifying the ways of improving the knowledge and skill of the individual as a nurse in managing the quality health and social care services.

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Conclusion and recommendations

Concluding statement is mandatory to develop concise content after conducting the whole portfolio. The academic and professional portfolio management is effective for the individual to review own skill and abilities as well as develop further personal and professional planning to achieve the career objectives. After proper conclusion, the recommendation will be proposed, for the individual so that it would be possible to improve the knowledge about nursing and health care management as well as develop the professional skill set as a nurse in serving the patients successfully.

Reference List

Firstly, the reference list will be included here, and the writer must focus on authenticity and relevancy of the references in this study, authentic references are added in this study, and the recent journals and articles are chosen, so that the study can be conducted with latest information and data.

Secondly, Harvard referencing style is being chosen for representing the reference list in a simple and concise way.

Thirdly, the references will be representative in A to Z format and all must be cited in the text, so that the issue of missing references can be avoided further.

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