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  • Published On: 9-12-2023
How I can deliver as a professional nurse

I have always wanted to see people happy and in good health. I have personally experienced occasionally bad health and it is not something I can want anybody to go through. This is the reason I have worked had to become a nurse, to be able to provide people, children and adults alike, with good health. My experience as a nursing student and the skills and knowledge I gained during my placement enabled me to become a caring, trustworthy, and reliable team player who respects patient dignity and privacy during service delivery. One of the core skills that I find is highly important in the nursing field is nursing. The improvement and development of my communication skills changed and enhanced the quality of care I offered to patients. With better communication skills, I have developed the ability to easily and efficiently inform my patients on what is happening at every stage of their stay at the health facility.


I understand that communication is an important aspect of patient care because with good communication between healthcare professionals, for instance me as a nurse, I help patients to feel confident concerning the treatment and care being offered to them. I have also learned the importance of maintaining respect and dignity while caring for patients. Respect is a core value which helps us as nursing professionals to perform well in this field. It is important to respect the patients’ needs and offer treatment which meet their requirements, always to listen to them and offer a patient-centered kind of care. Patients who are treated with respect and dignity always feels like their needs are being met.

Besides offering them privacy, handling them like human beings with dignity and listening to patients, it is also vital to maintain confidentiality with the information they provide. I have learned from patients and healthcare professionals that maintaining the respect and dignity of patients builds their trust on the healthcare expert. This makes it easy for the patient to communicate with their carers and provide important information needed for treatment. I have learned to treat all patients with compassion and care, to remain courteous and polite to them and other staff member, as well as have their dignity and privacy actively respected. I have also learned to become a good listener to always consider other people and patient’s views to ensure that the kind of service they receive factors in the final decision to their satisfaction. One of the most important aspect of respect that I learned during my placement is asking permission and to avoid talking at others but with others, as well as being sensitive to other people’s cultural differences. With these in mind, I have been able to consider other people and patient’s comments and behave in a nurturing, caring and respectful way.

My experiences as a student nurse and during placement also allowed me to learn the importance of being a team player. The placement particularly showed me just how complicated patient is today, especially because of the increasing number of more chronic illnesses such as kidney disease, Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, cancer and diabetes, as well as the growing aging population. These conditions, need specialized care, often requiring multidisciplinary patient treatment approach. With a team comprising of different professionals during my training, I learned the importance of effective and clear communication with each other. This helped establish strong and lasting work relationships and solve problems together. My nursing training enabled me to learn the importance of healthcare teams concentrating on patient-centered treatment approaches by cooperating, exchanging ideas and Information, integrating medical records, and acquiring prompt informed consent.

One of the most important things which I learned during my training and placement is multi-professional working and accurate record-keeping. I have learned why the quality of healthcare services offered to patients in the hospital can really improve when multiple healthcare experts communicate with one another and work together in the diagnosis or treatment of patients. I observed the effectiveness of collaboration between different professionals in the healthcare setting in delivering high quality care to patients. For instance, primary care health experts worked with specialty providers to carry out tests and procedures, with healthcare facility visits and stay involving collaborative approaches.

I also observed collaboration between physicians and patients and their families. This happened especially in situations where family history, the mental status of the patient and their social environments could influence their health. In such situations, primary health care givers worked with other professionals, patients and their families to get a clear picture which can help provide effective treatment. Taking care of patients who came in with complex and chronic conditions was quite easy and successful when a collaborative and multidisciplinary approach was used. The coordination between the laboratory, multiple providers and pharmacies made the provision of care smooth and efficient. This collaborative effort led to better patient outcomes like stopping preventable negative drug reactions, lowering mortality and morbidity rates reducing drug errors and optimizing drug dosages.

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One aspect of nursing that came out clearly to me as being very important to the nursing profession during my school training and my placement is the prescription and administering or medication and how to use the five R’s to ensure that these are done correctly and efficiently. My During these times, I learned the import ace of five R’s in administering medication to avoid errors which can lead to fatalities. The five R’s including the right patient, the right dose, the right time, the right route, as well as the right drug emerged as a relevant guiding principle for both nurses and doctors when prescribing or administering medication. This approach, in addition to the right team and the right documentation are critical in ensuring that there is accuracy in these processes for positive patient outcomes.

With these knowledge and skills, I believe that I can deliver on the nursing position requirements and ensure that my patients receive high quality care, by listening to them, collaborating with different professionals and avoiding errors in drug prescription and administration and during record-keeping.

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