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Communicating Strategically

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  • Published On: 04-12-2023

Personal Branding and LinkedIn Summary

With the rapid growth in global organizational concepts, I have developed a great interest in management and leadership. I am currently a third student at Middlesex University, presently studying business management with a significant objective to change how the world of management operates. Pursuing my course was inspired by creativity and fascination to create new business ideas.

From my traits, I am a proactive, positive, pro-active, and enthusiastic individual with a proven ability to work in a fast-paced environment while meeting deadlines. Additionally, I can work as a team or as an independent to make valuable contributions to any organization. Likewise, I have a strong command of information technology and communication skills, in addition to being a flexible person with critical skills required to thrive in the modern management field. Nevertheless, my previous studies have shaped me into a punctual, reliable, and professional individual who can deliver results.


From my professional experience, I am a make-up artist (MUA), which includes using cosmetic techniques and processes to create beauty in the human body. This position has developed my communication skills, creativity, and innovation. Similarly, I worked at our family business which has improved my management and accounting skills. Besides employment, I also established my own business during the 2020 COVID-19 pandemic, where I have established my store online. From this business, my management skills have been developed significantly.

Similarly, while studying business management at Middlesex University, I was particularly fascinated by the business environment and information management systems. I have learned to break down complex tasks into parts and steps from these modules and apply communication skills to increase performance. Therefore, being determined and driven by success, and I believe that with my attitude, I can make an impact on an organization team.


There are many reasons which make writing to be considered reasonable. Though there is no formula for best writing, there are certain qualities that most good writing share. Some of the qualities of good writing include correctness, focus, development, and coherence (Durga & Rao, 2018). Therefore, in my writing, some of the strategies which have been adopted include clarity and focus. The text's development has been planned to bring out the idea with an exact main point or topic sentence. This strategy is adopted to ensure that everything makes sense and the reader do not get lost or has to reread passages to the text out what's going on.

Additionally, I have used organization strategy to support and expand the central idea of the text. In the text, the concepts are well illustrated via excellent descriptions. Similarly, I have ensured that each part of the essay is related to the main idea. This strategy is adopted to ensure that the reader can visualize the concepts. Another approach used is the text's organization to be logical and smooth flow. This strategy has been achieved by the use and choice of vocabularies and words. Words and language are valuable tools for writing; thus, clear and accurate word choices and well-crafted sentences are viral in writing (Durga & Rao, 2018). Similarly, to better arrange the text and its ideas, grammar is extensively considered. The use of good grammar is adopted to ensure that writing is clear and consistent.

Correctness is also extensively considered in the text. I believe that a text should be written in generally correct Standard English and honestly. For an individual to be trusted, they must be honest. Therefore, in describing myself, I have applied optimum honesty. Similarly, since the best candidate must be talented, I have adopted a thought-provoking or emotionally inspiring witting that presents who I am. I am also aware that how the readers react to individual work will fully determine the success as a writer (Garner, 2013). Therefore, I have adopted the best strategy to ensure that my text is positively perceived and uses the most honest ideas.

On the other hand, oral communication is the oldest and most widely used medium of communication. However, spoken text varies based on its clarity and presentation. Good speakers have various qualities and personality traits that make them good speakers. For my speech, one of the strategies used is clarity. Throughout my presentation, I have remained clear to my audience, thus enabling me to achieve my objective. The use of clarity has helped me to deliver unique messages and ideas since I am aware that, in every speech, no audience needs repetitive speech. For instance, I was able to present my personal traits, how I consider myself and what others says concerning me.

Additionally, I have used live and concrete facts to present myself. I am aware that good communication needs to present concrete facts that are easy to understand. Therefore, for my profile, I have given factual information that improves how employers perceive me. Moreover, I have adopted brevity and confidence to present my ideas which are precise and brief to ensure that it does not become tedious and wordy. For instance, for the presentation, I have organized my presentation into who I am, my personal traits, education and its contribution to my development, work history, and skills. Similarly, I have applied confidence. I am aware that confidence helps an individual have a successful presentation (Muhammadiyeva et al., 2020). The confidence has helped me to be accurate, appear knowledgeable and intelligent. Therefore, I had all reasons to overcome nervous jitters.

Moreover, to better present my profile, I revealed interest and passion including curiosity to learn and grow. Having passion is very critical to making a good speech. Therefore, to show good speech, I have applied a positive attitude and humor. Expression passion in what I was doing was vital in effectively communicating my speech. I also understand that, without passion, a speech is meaningless. Therefore, I have used passion to express my idea to the audience and convey information on what I can offer to a team. Similarly, this strategy has enabled me to radiate a level of sincerity in my emotions.

Specific Discourse Choices

From the written text, I have written my interest presentation of ideas, thus creating correctness, focus, development, and coherence (Vardi, 2012). For instance, I have developed what made me develop a great interest in management, which is the rapid growth in global organizational concepts. Additionally, I have progressed to becoming a manager, where I indicated my studies at Middlesex University. Moreover, I have also presented how the field of study was inspired by creativity and fascination to create new business ideas.

Also, I suggest that my text is organized, making the text logical, and flow smoothly. This strategy is proposed to have been achieved by the use of vocabulary and word choice (Vardi, 2012). For example, I have revealed that "I am a proactive, positive, pro-active, and enthusiastic individual with proven ability to work in a fast-paced environments while meeting deadlines." This text presents a great choice of words that explain my traits. Similarly, the choice of vocabulary is vital in describing me, thus creating good text.

Moreover, I have applied the optimum honesty and thought-provoking or emotionally inspiring text. For example, I suggested that "my previous studies have shaped me into a punctual, reliable, and professional individual with the ability to deliver results." It is every company's dream to hire an individual who is punctual, reliable, and professional. Therefore, my choice of the word triggers thoughts; thus, the text is well written.

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One of the speech strategies is clarity, where thoughts are presented, enabling me to achieve my objective. For example, I have narrated my educational background and professional achievement in an exact version and their contribution to my skills, thus making the speech effective. Similarly, I have avoided repetitive speech and only presented concrete facts to explain myself in an organized manner (Kuśnierek, 2015). For instance, as stated, I have presented my traits from my personal traits to what others says concerning me. Besides, my choice of words is precise, and my confidence is evident, making me appear to be knowledgeable and intelligent.

More importantly, I have presented my clip with great interest and passion. This strategy has enabled me to make my speech meaningful and to convey information concerning my qualifications (Kuśnierek, 2015). For example, I have presented my whole video with confusing myself or shying off. Therefore, I believe that both my text and video presentation qualifies to be excellent presentations.


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