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Exploring the Dynamics of Politics

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  • Published On: 2-12-2023
Personal Statement for a Ph.D. in Politics

I have, since my early teenage years, had a strong interest in the society and the world in which I live. Politics can, besides, being observed to be a convention that is linked (inextricably) to the emergence of diversity and conflict, can also be viewed as people’s and nations’ willingness to co-operate and work together. The world is constantly evolving, and is experiencing frequent turmoil and power shifts, with change occurring in some part of the world each day. Change in one part of the world, consequently, influences change in some other part. An example of this is with regard to how governments come into being. The Arab Spring which is still ongoing, for instance, demonstrates the extent to which citizens can react against their governments. Whereas in some countries the governments are overthrown, others only experience minor- or even inconsequential- protests. This stark difference raises a number of key questions:

What motivates the citizenry of one country to take (or not take) radical action against their government?

Why is it that citizens neighbouring nations do not respond in a similar manner?


Another key issue of concern relates to the society’s participation in the political matters of their country. There has been a significant decline in the extent of society’s political participation; it can be argued that society has, over time, simply lost interest, resulting in the deteriorating political participation. As a result, it is of great importance that the society is closely examined and the reasons contributing to the decline and crumble of political participation by the masses determined, as well as identifying whom the responsibility of promoting political participation (and hence, the fault for declining participation) lies with. Politics also influences the citizens’ perception of what their place and roles can be and/or are in the society and country at large.

Since politics and political changes in one part of the world affect other parts in various ways, including formation of governments, it is necessary that we critically understand politics along with how it impacts us. It is for these reasons that I seek to pursue a Ph.D. in politics so as to further and more deeply explore the above issues, their causes as well as impacts.

I hold a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from the (UNIVERSITY NAME), during which I took an international relations module in my second year. I also completed my graduate degree in Government and Politics in (2017) and my thesis was titled ‘Chinese Investment in Africa and How It Is A Concern for the West’. The focus and scholarly concerns I addressed in my thesis were critical theory, distribution and exercise of power, formulation of policies and interactions between governments. The graduate degree curriculum was highly rigorous, elaborate and comprehensive, and laid a strong emphasis on individual research and thorough academic writing. Completing the master’s degree helped reinforce my understanding and appreciation of governments and politics, and how the two are interlinked. It also contributed to providing a good foundation in the requisite skills and knowledge in the discipline, which have prepared me for the advance levels of study, particularly Ph.D. for which I am currently applying. Consequently, I have been able to develop into an enthusiastic and highly motivated student, who is capable of consistently engaging with the intersection of government, politics and critical theory. I was also awarded an honorary degree in international politics from the (UNIVERSITY NAME) in recognition of the critical political and governance role I played during my time at the New Patriotic Party of Ghana, in which I was also an executive member.

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I am fascinated by interdisciplinary projects that foster extensive socio-political dialogues and highly interested in politics. I have published articles in local newspaper columns and also made presentations at events and conferences. Even though I have a wide range of interests, I have constantly found politics and political studies to significantly satisfy my intellectual curiosities, besides providing me with a purposeful and worthwhile methodological foundation. It is therefore on the basis of this theoretical viewpoint and exacting background that I seek to pursue a Ph.D. in Politics at the (UNIVERSITY NAME). I will be very privileged if accepted as this will afford me the opportunity to engage in this and other critical discourses alongside the very distinguished members of your faculty. Given my enthusiasm and self-motivation as a student, I would like to experience and face the challenges that come with studying this very prestigious course. My passion for politics extends beyond the academic realm; besides reading books on world politics that has enabled me broaden my knowledge of the field, I also occasionally attend and participate in public political debates and discourse through which I have been able to expand my knowledge of various political aspects such as political ideologies, governance, policy formulation, international policies, among others; I have found all of these to be extremely useful. I am also passionate about learning the various existing as well as the emerging political approaches and analyses techniques that contribute to giving me a proper foundation and expanding my knowledge. It is from the above-mentioned reasons that I derive my desire and will to undertake the Ph.D. in Politics program at (UNIVERSITY NAME). I believe I am sufficiently capable of dealing with the high pressure and demands that come with the course. Your Ph.D. program is ideal to me as it will prepare me for my future endeavours as well impart me with the necessary knowledge and skills that will enable me to succeed in the highly competitive job market. It is my expectation that the completion of this course will make me more astute and mature politically as well as in other spheres of life. I will certainly make use of the many opportunities that are available at the university. I highly regard and look to the esteemed Political Science faculty at (UNIVERSITY NAME) as a source of inspiration, and I believe that I will be able to give invaluable contribution to the political discourse and also contribute to the university as an active student. Owing to my scholarly background, I feel confident that I am appropriately qualified for this Ph.D. program.

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