On the Brexit Miranda show

It is not possible to keep up with the events, where the Supreme Court has ruled that, the Prime Minister’s suspension of the Parliament was void (Katya Adler, BBC News Europe, ‘Supreme Court: What impact will ruling have on Brexit talks?’, 24 September 2019) and it is possible implications but while in this process every step to resolve the deadlock holds our attention, the underlying issue remains the opposition between the parties that needs to be tackled for the chance of any solution.

‘Are we?’

We are losing this game, aren’t we?

We are on the verge of a French farce, where we argue that, Britain would be better off with their passport printed in France and having nothing to embrace, but ourselves and get down to business, aren’t we? It seems to be a case of when kids are told not to say shut up because it sounds rude and it can hurt people’s feelings and when somebody starts talking, one kid cannot take it anymore and then just shouts ‘silence, you peasant’!

We are losing this game or was it our marbles? By now it is hard to know.


MIRANDA Comes into my parlour Rob, Robbie, Rob master, you had me at the hello…

Where, Robert is the independence that some think to be possible even real.

The breaking point when a part of the misled masses felt they had a momentum and cling to an illusion. It seems to be harsh to put it this way. Nigel Farage claimed how much Britain pays to the EU, while he failed to mention how overarching the benefits are and saying how much Britain could support the NHS disregarding the fact that, the services heavily rely on the foreigners and basically the damage this deception has been caused to the country already mounted to the loss of thousands of jobs, in other words we are in a post-truth era when everyone in theory knows that what has been said is the most outrageous lie, but insists on sticking with it rather than facing the music, rather than own up that some might look foolish acting upon devoted ignorance?

However, it is just one aspect, to give the benefit of the doubt that, there are many, who actually believe and can reasonably argue besides leaving the EU. I do not deny that, many of them have truly respectable and learned opinions. I think, if it is debated, it could be asserted that, the leave campaign was deceitful, based on lies, scourging up emotions, giving uncontrolled forces a momentum that could not be meaningfully channelled and the worst thing was that, Remainder’s campaign was not much better in that, it failed to show what it is at stake here, what the EU actually gives to this country and how overtly permeating these benefits are for everyone. The genie got out of the bottle and there is no way of putting it back, unless the operational intelligence failed at the referendum suddenly strikes back and finds a way to mitigate the damages, that already happened, being caused to the country and with leaving the EU are not going to take away but even deepen and it might end up in a civil war, which is hardly an outcome anyone could possibly desire.

‘Stay With, Stay With, Stay With’

With due respect towards everyone’s standpoint, the biggest problem right now eliminates any chance of a solution that is the deep chasm between the Leavers and Remainers.

The number one duty, I perceive is to tackle this deep division and accept one, only one common ground, if there is nothing else we can all agree with, the common good of the country. Whatever side we are on and whatever standpoint we have, we all must agree on that and everyone who loves this country should do whatever serves her best, the well-being of its people, in terms of economic growth, social stability and giving perspectives for the classes, which have been unheard and made powerless, to create a stability that allows social negotiations and adjustments towards establishing a more meritocratic society and empowering all the people. Hence, it is a Democracy. Or was it Monopoly? Can anyone remember?

The ideal and sadly solution would be to bring her Majesty’s people together, enabling them to understand the pros and cons, likely outcomes, weighted and gauged in numbers to empower them for understanding the consequences of their vote and let them vote again for the common good of the country with the help of the info graphics if it helps, with the eye on the future of the next generations with the real option of making everyone heard and have his or her say in respectable silence. If, it is done and it can be done, then I hope it would be that Great Britain stays in the EU voted by her people who are justly and fairly empowered to understand the full implications of their choice, then, it should be accepted by all, But not until then.

I come to know some excellent respectable highly-qualified professionals, lawyers, Queen’s Councils, who said that, they are staunch Remainders, but if the country wants to leave, then she should leave. Would the Leavers be LESS generous and would rather sacrifice the country in order to prove that what they want to believe to be the truth? Please forgive me for my bluntness, it springs from the fact that, I am CC, not the Queen’s Council, but I simply care and I am deeply concerned about this process that it has been causing incredible and measurable damages and will cause much damage yet if we do not clarify, where we are and we do not get committed to serve the common good.

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GARY Am I not an enough man for you, am I?

Leavers for me are like this feminine charming loveable Gary, who would try to act really masculine not knowing that he does not have to pretend to be more masculine, or smarter, or anything else, then what he is, he is charming, has everything to be loved, but he is under a few misconceptions about what makes him attractive and actually these are the very things that can truly damage his sexappeal.

STEVIE to work the allure or to become allure abundant

I believe that, UK would be 100% better off in the EU, but as I am not British, I find it appropriate to back off and hope to serve only as a catalyst in bringing the parties together, working with the facts and enabling this country to make a decision that leads to prosperity and not its destruction. All of its voting people should be empowered to make informed decisions but the devil lies in the details, so how can this be done well?

I do believe that, it can be done based on The Wisdom of the Crowds, written by James Surowiecki, which scientifically examines how groups can make decisions more intelligently than even its most intelligent members. However, since right now no one seems to be worrying about the facts, I will not elaborate on this unless asked.

TILLY Never misunderstimate me! Keep up!

At least Tilly could have said that.

‘The only thing that counts is that 70% of the Leave voter would be happy with a no-deal Brexit’, announced METRO this week, before the 20th of September. Apart from the fact that, it is the most outrageous distortion of the facts I think it is a high time, that we have dealt the first duty; the great rift between the parties and recovering the population’s cultural reflexes to find value in fairly negotiating point of views to get acceptable solution that is critical for the country’s future.

Please do not misunderstand and underestimate the power of facts.

The only thing that counts is the common good of Britain.

Do not get carried away by the moves, and how it is irrelevant compared to the what.

Start getting the facts right together. Fast.

With CC (Concern and Care), Alic

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