Should Countries Be Run Like Companies

The topic of the essay is countries should not be run like companies. The essay will discuss the points that are in favor as well as against the topic which will be resulting in the conclusion that whether the countries must run like a business or not. There are various disadvantages or the points that are supporting the fact that countries should not run like businesses like countries must not think only about profit and dealing all over the globe. The company always has the option to avoid or ignore the customer or client if they do not find it profitable or suitable for business but the government has to run the country without ignoring any of the people else it might result in a bad reputation. However, some points are against the topic like companies must do the management of people like a business by giving less fake promises and also an effective deadline in which they can take necessary measures as a business do.

The first argument that is in favor of supporting the topic is that the primary mission of a business or company is just to make a profit from the customers. But the same cannot be followed by the government as their aim is to provide better services to the public and protecting people's rights. Companies like Microsoft might be smart for keeping $36.1 billion in cash within their account but if the government does so and does not invest that much money on people then it can be difficult to run the country. The government possibly has to do proper budgeting as the population of the country is far higher than even 50 to 60 multinational companies. The company can reduce the cost of any product or make its services less expensive but it is not possible for the government to do as once they reduce the cost of any good material then it might impact the economical growth of the country because most of the money comes from selling or products in the market (Acharya, 2017).


The second argument that again supports the topic is that company should not allow all the representatives or staff to decide or vote for their favorite chairman or CEO. The staff does not have much power even to speak against the choice or also to change the person who is selected by management or higher authority. But if the same method follows in the country then the public might get a government which is not suitable or capable to run a country. The voting by public helps the millions of individuals to select government or head of the country by own and it must not follow the company rule which can create a bad impact on growth. Even the new person who appointed as the new government following the business model in the country cannot get full support from the public and they can also not force like what is happening in the business where staffs have to listen and follow new CEO if they did not like it. The point which can be added here in favor of the topic is that the government or political leaders of the country should not disclose all the information to the public like a business disclose to their stakeholders. The public must not know what the alternative of the decision was and how it had been taken for the country (Maier et al. 2016).

The third argument that is again supporting the point that countries should not run like a business is that marketing or sales staff of the company is trained to impress the customer and impress them by visiting door to door for selling subscription of business. But it looks silly if the representatives or important profession of the country like Navy, Army, fire department, the Police department started telling that to ensure full protection and safeguarding you must sign or purchase safety subscription offered by the country. As even the subscription is signed that cannot provide assurance to the people that it can protect from all the union attacks throughout the lifetime. Therefore, this again proves that the country must not run like business as they do not limit to earn profitability only (, 2020).

The fourth important argument that can be used in favor of a topic that countries should not run like a business is that there is lots of difference lies between customers or constituents. The company might have the luxury to dump or remove a business if they find it not suitable according to their choice. They started providing services to other sectors or business in replacement of that. But the question arises that is it possible for the government to do for the country. The answer is simply no as the government agencies do not have the option to provide services to the people whom only they find suitable for their growth. Therefore this also proves that the country cannot run like a business as they cannot easily switch any people whom they do not like (, 2020).

The first argument that is against the topic that countries cannot run like companies is that the country can think about the model like risk management and process models which is followed by the company or business so that they can check the area of threat and where the growth is less because of increase in crime or any other issues. The technologies that are used in business like to take the opinion or feedback from the customers so that they can work on that must be helpful for the country also daily feedbacks from the customers daily can help the government of the country to take preventive measures in that area.

The second argument that is against the topic of countries cannot run like a business is in terms of making money. As the business starts promoting the brands in the market that brings a high rate of profitability for them in the company. The same can be applied for the countries also as they know that most of the revenue they get is from business, source of all taxes and they must start promoting business by using every possibility to generate high revenue. This helps the country to even remove unemployment and also gets more growth per financial year.

The third argument that is against the topic which is countries cannot run like a business is that countries can include fewer unions like what happens in most of the company. It is found that in most of the country the unions are allowed to interfere in any complicated situation like public-sector union and others. They must be abolished or banned if they disrupt much in any decision like what happened in some of the private companies (, 2020).

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The fourth argument that is against the topic is that the country can generate awareness like some of the business used to do related to green initiative and environment as well as recycling of products. Thus if the government follows or runs like a business by implementing this model then the great awareness will be generated among a large percentage of the public and here the leaders do not need to visit anyone but simple digital marketing approach which is followed in various companies can be used. Thus this proves that country can follow the model of business or might run like companies.

The fifth argument that can be against the topic is that like most of the company appreciates staff with better incentives and promotions. Hence if the government also starts working as a company then the public of government who works day and night to protect and helps in the growth of our country shall get motivated by proper benefits and promotions. The one more important argument that can be against the topic is that if the country adopts some of the business models like the staff are allowed to give feedback or reviews about the company in business. Thus every citizen will be given a right to write feedback bad or good for the range of services they got from country leaders or government. This will help to reduce democracy and also allow the government to get support and care from the public. Thus it can be said that if the countries work as the companies then there are some of the benefits also which is mentioned or discussed above (, 2020).

Thus from the conclusion it is drawn that the countries cannot run like a company after analyzing it from both perspectives. The companies which are developed or established by the owner mainly for the profit cannot be similar in operation with that of the country. As the country's government has to provide large services to the public and thus if they start gaining profit for themselves then it is difficult to run a country. Also, in the company the CEO or the head chairman is selected by the management only with less involvement of staff or any worker. Thus if the company also follows this model and government is decided without voting from the public then that might result in poor choice of government who is less capable to run country. Thus from all this analysis it can be finally said that country cannot be run like a company.

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