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The Vietnam War: A Cold War Product

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  • Published On: 2-12-2023

Traditionally, political wars were based on ideologies and perspectives between nations. Although actual War was fought during World War I and II, the Cold War denied countries a chance to fight actively. As such, the countries supported states opposing in regard to their conflicting ideologies leading to the Vietnam War. Therefore, the presentation targets to evaluate the extent to which the Vietnam War was a product of the Cold War.

The Vietnam War

The Vietnam was a prolonged, divisive, and costly conflict that roughed the North Vietnam communist government against South Vietnam together with the United States its primary ally. The Cold War between the Soviet Union and the United States intensified the conflict. Over three million people among them 58, 000 Americans died in the Vietnam war. Over 50% of those who died were Vietnamese civilians. The Vietnam conflict causes emerged as an outcome of Cold War indicators, constituents, and consequences.

Vietnam Before World War II

Prior to the Second World War, Vietnam was portion of the French Empire. However, the Japanese managed to overrun the French during the war. During the period when the Japanese opted to retreat, the Vietnamese people established a government headed by Ho Chi Minh (History, 2020). Nevertheless, as the war ended, Allies returned South Vietnam to French while the north as left to the non-communist Chinese. Nationalist Chinese was notably harsh towards North Vietnamese, thus increasing Ho Chi Minh support.

Vietnam After World War II

At the end of the war, Minh had been removed from power but took over the north in 1946 when the Chinese pulled out creating Viet Minh. However, during the same year French declared their intent to reclaim the north implying that Viet Minh would need to fight (History, 2020). In November 1946, the war started. Although French offered the people independence to target wining them over, French rule remained powerful. Bao Dai was elected as the new Vietnam leader but Eastern Europe and Russians declined to recognize his rule. Instead, the powers argued Minh was the Vietnam real ruler.

Causes of Vietnam War

Both the United States and the Soviet Union were considerably unwilling to dare an all-out war as both tried to prove their power (Trueman, 2015). Aspects that facilitated the fight between the two powers included their nuclear weapon capabilities. Since the cold war never required active fights, the two powers utilized the states that were supposed to undertake the fight such as the Vietnam. Since the Americans fought actively in Vietnam, the USSR could not fight in the Cold War game.

Causes of Vietnam War

Nevertheless, in a bid to uphold the course of the Communist, the Soviet Union resolved to arming China its fellow Communist State (Trueman, 2015). In turn, China would equip and arm North Vietnamese to increase their capability in fighting the Americans. Initially, French was fighting in Vietnam with support from America. When the French were unable to cope with the Viet Minh’s guerrilla tactics despite receiving assistance from America, they withdrew. Viet Minh were on the other hand receiving assistance from Communist China. The two opposing sides in Vietnam evinced the disagreements that contributed the Cold war.

Cold War in Vietnam War

Precisely, with Bao Dai leading the south was received support from the west while Communist nations in Eastern Europe, the Russians, and Chinese supported Ho Chi Minh who led the north (Trueman, 2015). In a nutshell, the war in Vietnam was notably a product of cold war perspectives. While the leaders ere notably in of the opposing states were unable to engage actively, they opted to use the division of Vietnam to show their powers.

Cold War in Vietnam War

Divided by differing perspectives about communism, nations supporting communism supported Ho Chi Minh in spreading communism to the south. Although the weapons were received from Communist China, other communist nations that opposed the U.S during the war were part of the war. For instance, Russia and Eastern Europe nations. On the other hand, America supported south Vietnam led by fanatical catholic Ngo Dinh Diem who opposed Communism (History, 2020). Despite ruling through dictatorship, Americans supported his rule due to his communism opposition.

Cold War in Vietnam War
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The Vietnam War causes relate to the American perspective that communism was a threat likely to expand throughout south-east Asia. As the Cold War intensified globally, America focused on hardening policies against and Soviet Union (DiCicco, & Fordham, 2018). As of 1955 President Dwight D Eisenhower had promised his well-founded support to South Vietnam and Diem. Training and equipment availability from the CIA and American Military enabled the Diem’s security forces to crack the sympathizers of Viet Minh in the south down. The crackdown saw the invasion of Vietnamese Communist (Viet Cong), arrest of 100, 000 people who were tortured and executed brutally.


To conclude, the war in Vietnam was a product of the Cold War. Since the Cold War inhibited actual fighting between countries, conflicting states opted to support opposing states in the Vietnam War. For instance, the United States was against the Communism practices by the Soviet Union but opted to support South Vietnam in fighting against communism practiced by the north. The Soviet Union supported Communism and thus supplied Communist Chinese with weapons that would be used to spread communism to South Vietnam.

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