One World Fair Celebrates Cultural Diversity

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: Students and Faculty of local universities Media Partner: Newsletter of Southampton Solent University

Yesterday Southampton Solent University witnessed the closing ceremony of the cultural event 'One World Fair'. The event was all about to introduce the cultural team to the entire university. The team formed will be representing the university at the state level for the cultural competition. In this competition, several universities will take part. The university has also prepared a plan to participate in the competition. Thus, the whole event was organized so that the cultural team could get appreciation and their morale could be raised. It was such a unique kind of event which took place for the very first time.


In the event, the cultural teams representing for various activities exhibited their talent. It included the dance show, paintings exhibition, singing, music and other unique talent as well. The representing team structure was two teams from group dance, five solo dancers, 3 participants for musical instruments, four solo singers, three musical bands, three painters or sketchers. It was highly mesmerizing show as participating students gave the hope that they can win the state level competition. They just showed the glimpse of their talent and were confident to give best of their potential in the actual competition. It was a two days event where the teams presented their shows with the respective group members and won the hearts of the entire university.

During the event, the joy and excitement could have felt all around. Professors and students were joyful as they experience something new and thrilling. On the contrary, the participative students were very excited towards their state level competition. They are well prepared to represent the university, and their moves are also ready with the innovation and hard work. The event was a great success and got a lovely response from the viewers as they enjoyed a lot during the two-day event.

Editor notes

This press release is about 'One World Fair', an annual function of Southampton Solent University located at E Park Terrace, Southampton. The institute offers number of professional courses in various streams. The press release is based on live coverage of the function by the student reporter who can be contacted at below mentioned details.

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