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Offending Behaviors and Enhancing Public Safety

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  • Published On: 13-12-2023

In modern society, the prevention of crimes has become an increasingly significant element of various national strategies for the public's security and safety. In case one, there are different offending behaviors' such as burgling the flat to make money and to made away with drug, intention to kill, attacking people with weapons leaving them with severe wounds and injuries that later leads them to death and deals of illegal drugs.

This paper has a comprehensive intervention that will address the issue of burgling or robbery on at least both sides: the offender and the victim. Besides, it will generate some redundancy; hence, if one side of the intervention fails to address the issue, the other side of the intervention will operate. This paper will split the responses into two parts offender-oriented replies and victim-oriented responses to address this issue. In the offender-oriented reactions, there are a couple of interventions addressing the matter.

By deploying visible foot or cars directed patrols either before, during, or after the incidence will help in curbing street burgling. These directed patrols would best fit as an effort of the robbery task force. The taskforce is advised to be highly notable and proactive. Besides, the basic mandate will be to reduce such robbery cases of burgling flats by armed men. It will have to employ documented crime evaluation to station patrols at places experiencing robbery at an increasing rate. The directed patrols have to be a critical intervention that will also improve paramount in other street robbery-related aspects. For instance, combined directed foot patrol with an awareness program concerning robbery, campaigns aired in media stations covering the patrols, and installing CCTV cameras.


In many cases, covert directed patrols or bald directed commando will deter and arrest the offenders of burling streets flats. The United Kingdom law enforcers have to combine these strategies to minimize robbery in the streets. The England Metropolitan Police will have to redistribute highly notably uniformed law enforcers in the hot areas of theft on the roads to reduce or prevent offenders' invasion. They may further deploy other officers who are dressed in plainclothes whose target is to observe spotted suspects of burgling and respond quickly to robberies as they happen. Generally, this initiative will increase the number of charged people with street robbery by approximately thirty percent annually.

By using intelligence to target, the notorious robbers will help agencies gather intelligence to fight street robbery in different ways. Firstly, the agency has to work with organizations to generate an intelligence database that will help them learn more about replicating street robbers and their patterns. The ideal databases will comprise surveillance and CCTV footage, data of arrests, maps of standard crime bases, and probation information. According to Kroener and I (2016), an intelligence database called Crimint, which has several layers of data, is used to generate suspects' profiles and targeted offender. Additionally, CRIMINT can help in mapping offenders' robberies and in playing scrutiny of footage. The additional training officers will have to use intelligence databases. The agency will further collaborate with local information and technology institutions to generate a database and educate users.

Lastly, examining other robbery-related crimes will also help in gathering street robbery intelligence. For instance, investigating drug rings or theft could reveal important street robbery information (Stamatel & J.P., 2020). In the fight against burgling, paying informants to collect intelligence concerning offenders that police have not yet identified also, helps identify notorious robbers via network evaluation (Nunan et al., 2020). Besides, the network analysis reveals the person who is likely to use dispose of illegally acquired products.

In the victim-oriented responses, bettering how victims account for burglary will help address street robbery. The aim being to have a quick report of robbery cases because the faster it is reported, the quicker the agency will take appropriate action. Besides, it will help gather pertinent information, which is useful in identifying suspects and unmasking the recent offender information. Employing mobile robbery units will better collect information and motivate faster reporting (Blackstone et al., 2020). When using mobile robbery units, it is advisable to make sure that dispatchers inform the concerned law enforcers instantly (Cook et al., 2019). Making reporting outlines easy for victims will positively influence victims' probability of announcing their victimization (Shao et al., 2019). For instance, with the employment of an operation Eagle Eye, there are many tactics to better the willingness to describe burglars by motivating involvement and giving assistance. By default, it has a program that refers all robbery victims to a backup group belonging to victims. To reduce the fear of providing information, police will permit the use of pseudonyms when providing accounts to ensure inconspicuousness in description and protection from revenge (Harris & A.N., 2017). Lastly, motivating the affected to report robbery-related crimes against them would always help the police collect needed data to analyze certain challenges of robbery. It will always give a clearer picture of how burgling happens in society, especially when and where society.

Gun violence is becoming an urgent, complicated, and versatile challenge in addressing attacking people with weapons, leaving them with serious wounds and injuries. It needs heavy proofs with various solutions. With the help of psychology, contributions to policies that can evade gun violence are easily achieved. According to the American Psychological Association, in the year two thousand and thirteen on February, a panel of experts commissioned a report to communicate research-based conclusions not limited to recommendations. It further helped identify gaps in that knowledge, which helped reduce gun violence scenarios nationally (Nehlsen et al., 2020).

The usage of the gun and other weapons such as Machetes will significantly improve the odds that an attempted murder or killings, whether intentionally or not. Therefore, there is a need for action to be taken with immediate effect. To reduce such situations, an initiative of licensing of any handgun dealer to reduce gun misuse. Extensive checking for background requirements for various ammunition sales will curb the diversion of guns to offenders and criminals. Additionally, thoroughly overseeing all retailers who handle guns business will further reduce guns' diversion to unauthorized individuals. The sole aim of these interventions is to reduce scenarios of misuse of guns where individuals who have ill intentions are threatening local citizens to rob them of their hard-earned money and valuables. This intervention has to include many stakeholders such as society, any legal system, and the public health community (Metzl et al., 2021). These communities have a great impact in reducing the incidence of gun violence.

In minimizing gun violence at the community level, a continuum has to start at an early age of children with programs that will help parents bring up their child emotionally healthy. However, it should end with efforts to point out, or mediate with troubled persons who threaten to cause violence. This paper will encourage the mental health team to advocate for the community-based partnership that will come up with models to address the challenge of experiencing unending gun violence. To overcome the tendency, such models will have to blend ways of avoiding such issues within a community by operating in silos. There have been several positive impacts with community-based plans entailing law enforcers training in crisis mediation and with society comrades skilled in providing brain health first aid (Gryglewicz et al., 2018). These plans require extensive navigation and study so they can be extended to different societies as suitable. Additionally, public health should conduct a campaign that will create awareness on how to store guns safely and why safe gun keeping is necessary. According to Butkus (2018), they argued that the exercise of maintaining all firearms suitably kept and locked has to be the sole socially satisfactory measure.

However, there has been increased research on psychological treatments, and a tangible evidence base does not establish counseling on drug dealing recently, the United Kingdom currently. Thus, a broad difference in the short answer and enactment of psychologists' approaches to operation across services (Duhne et al., 2020). Many factors are leading to these situations. For instance, there has been an emphasis in many societies based on some treatments service positioned on the pharmacological organization and a backup case strategy. The exercise has a significant impact on the background and awareness of those disseminating remedies within services than what the study has depicted to be productive. Besides, there has been a poor deployment of the evidence base regarding psychological mediation until currently (Fairburn et al., 2017).

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The scarcity of suitably skilled therapists has also lead to fluctuating access to such services in the United Kingdom (Goldstein et al., 2020). For England to minimize drug deals, it has to have standard care, which has to be constituted. They include an encouraging mediation to strengthen retention in treatment of the matter, a plan to give advice, and details on effects of drug deals illegally harm consequences of drugs misuse. To fight the sale of these illegal drugs will involve the entire community's involvement by first enlightening them on the adverse effects of using such drugs and, in addition, encouraging them to be reporting such incidences to the concerned authorities for affirmative actions to be taken.

In conclusion, if all the recommendations suggested by this paper have been adhered to, such cases will reduce by a significant margin. The suggested remedies in each situation will even help future generations in handling such challenges in society.


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