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Examining the Limitations of Social Media for Long-Term Marketing Strategies

Social media does not enable strategies for long term marketing

As a result of technological advancement such as phones, computers and other computer based technologies, people have come up with applications and platforms to enables them share information, pictures and other content. The main purpose of social media is the sharing concept (Hjorth and Hinton, 2019). There have been social networking websites created by a number of companies to help them relate more to the consumers. This article will focus on why social media does not enable strategies for long term marketing. It develops a framework that is conceptual and grounded in risk theory.

The world is growing more digital and people are getting more conversant with the new technologies. This has led to rise of hackers and computer gurus who easily access private information from companies and even employees and the business owners. A lot of firms have been unable to prevent the security breaches and information leakages this will negatively impact marketing in the long run (Mathur, 2019).


Another issue is the presence of social bots on social media. These refer to the media AIs, which are the algorithms that are computerized to automatically give content and interact with people online. For instance, it has been found that up to 15% of those interacting with others on twitter are bots. They are a big issue as most marketers and businesses usually asses their performance in the market through metrics such as likes, retweets, comments, shares. The presence of the social bots cause a growing risk to accurate marketing feedback and metrics which will as a result negatively affect marketing (Appel et al., 2019).

Consumers have with time raised issues concerning their data privacy and how they can trust brands online. Thru has been some negativity in how consumers view social media as well as the brands being marketed and this has been due to the rising privacy concerns. People are doing away with their accounts on different platforms on social media and many of them have admitted that it is to protect their personal data so it is not wrongly handled(Appel et al,2019).. If this continues happening it will negatively impact online marketing than it already has.

Social media spam has also been on the rise. The bulky messages unnecessarily being sent which are of no importance are time wasting to get rid of and some may be very inappropriate. Spamming is rapidly rising and 1 in 21 messages on social media is a spam message (Grant, 2013). This has discouraged a lot of consumers from accessing their social media platforms and some even mistake real advertisements for spam. With the rising spam on social media, marketing will negatively be impacted

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