Integrating Robotics and Artificial Intelligence


Robotics is an integrative field that encompasses electrical engineering and mechanical engineering and is used to understand and control the field of computer science and theories. The field has also been extended to physics and cognitive science. In addition, the combination of AI and robotics is rich in computer science research. The combination of the two can handle factors such as planning, interacting with humans, modeling, and monitoring. According to (Touretzky et al., 2019), the robotics field has been a very important part of artificial intelligence. In the early years, the field of AI was used to handle and control projects and help in the robotics field. For instance, introducing the Stanford cart in the 1960s because of a combination of AI and robotics (Iphofen and Kritikos, 2021). The field of computer science is currently doing very well because of the combination of robotics and AI. Therefore, the primary aim of this paper is to conduct a report on robotics and AI.


Open research question

What is the importance of robotics and AI?

Bonsignorio, (2017) states that robotics is purposefully meant to predict factors and how to solve issues that affect our environment. Also, robotics help implement and planning feedback using various types of sensors incorporated into it to meet all its planned actions. In addition, robotics helps in identifying and perceiving some environmental problems. It uses up and down sensors to implement activities for the solutions of the information that it has gathered. Robotics also monitors and helps in diagnosing and providing solutions that include action plans for the problem (Touretzky et al., 2019). Through sensory monitoring, low-level control, and signal processing, robotics can provide solutions to any detected problems. The field of automated planning has managed to excel in the speed of task management and improvements in its planning algorithms over the past years because of the combination of robotics and AI.

On the other hand, the introduction of artificial intelligence has also helped in improving and making sure that robotics field managers meet their planned success. This is because AI can enable robotics to accomplish about 134 of its planned achievements. According to (Cox, 2021), the combination of AI and robotics, global productivity, equality and inclusion, and environmental actions is very important because it will help in the documentation and provide the solution of the gathered evidence (Touretzky et al., 2019). In addition, robotics cannot find patterns in data that can help provide the required solutions to the environment. That is why AI must be combined with robotics to find the patterns in data that can forecast sports trends. In addition, the use of object reorganisation, autonomous systems, and conversational can help in improving environmental change (Iphofen and Kritikos, 2021).

Literature review

In this section, the reports have used the systematic literature review to critically analyze and appraise the research that has been conducted to understand and answer the research question. According to research conducted by (Furman and Seamans, 2019), they found out that the introduction and advancement of AI and robotics have improved our lives. This is clear through introducing automatic smartphones that can wake us up when we are asleep and automatic toasters that can prepare tea for us. These machines have been successful because they can mimic how human beings operate thanks to robotics and AI. However, it states that mainstream marketing has occasionally been reported to be weak when it comes to providing a study on AI and robotics technology inventions. That is why this paper tried to research the introduction of AI and robotics into value creation at work (Touretzky et al., 2019).

Also, Zillner et al. (2020) contend that a framework point of view on business sectors, expanding on the predominant (S-D) rationale, would allow a more sensible understanding of how the contributions of AI and advanced mechanics shape conduct, encounters, and markets just as the elements of significant worth co-creation—the joint exercises of different performers through which worth arises (Iphofen and Kritikos, 2021). Long and Magerko, (2020) examine the capability of AI to foster and promote science. They argue that AI can benefit advertising by providing new designs and hypotheses that aid firms in comprehending and using massive amounts of data.

Prescott and Szollosy, (2017) while more research studies have been conducted to introduce AI system-oriented thinking, there is a challenge in implementing such a small technology. Because there is more interest in value creation than anything else, this value creation can be used to provide accurate information by human beings. Seamans and Raj, (2018) Researchers are hesitant to pursue this topic because they want to better understand human-to-human interactions. As a result, more research into developing solutions to human-to-non-human interactions has not been conducted. That means the introduction of robots and human beings at the same workplace (Iphofen and Kritikos, 2021). Additionally, we look forward to more research in the future on integrating person-to-person resources and the non-human ability to act in autonomous AI-enabled robots. Archiving value creation through AI and robotics has not been fully implemented or achieved because researchers have not settled on one common idea (Seamans and Raj, 2018).

Research approach

This research employed a descriptive research approach study to try and characterize the answers to the research question through an in-depth description. As stated above, the introduction of AI and robotics into our lives is an invention that everybody will leave to remember across different borders (Iphofen and Kritikos, 2021). This is because, through AI and robotics, the world has been able to manage how things can be done at a fast and accurate level. They have been able to reduce a lot of the risks in the art that can be caused by humans (Winfield and Jirotka, 2018). Additionally, robots can work for 24 hours, unlike human beings who have limits. Perhaps one of the biggest advantages that AI and robotics have introduced is the ability to take risks in the place of humans. For example, in this pandemic season, some countries have introduced robots that can scan and detect someone with the coronavirus. This means that, instead of human beings doing the scanning themselves, robots can do that for them to take the risk on their behalf (Touretzky et al., 2019).

However, introducing AI and robots is also a threat to employment. This means that these machines are used to replace the human workforce. For quality production, most organisations will opt or settle for robots that can produce quality work (Touretzky et al., 2019). Because they are programmed to follow specific commands, these machines cannot think clearly like humans. Additionally, AI is making humans lazy by automating almost everything. People get addicted to these inventions that might affect future generations (Iphofen and Kritikos, 2021). The roles of artificial intelligence and robots in a beneficiary’s co-creation of value and well-being processes remain intact in marketing and service research (Winfield and Jirotka, 2018). This is shocking as we already have technologies like Siri, Alexa, Google Assistant, and Cortana that can serve us in our daily routines, from turning on the lights to ordering food. Using artificial intelligence changes our service experience by making ordering easier, but there’s so much more that requires more research. In this way, AI can change behaviours beyond transactions, which influences the co-creation of value in a service ecosystem (Winfield and Jirotka, 2018). Also, to answer open questions in this research, it is important to use relevant examples where necessary and be specific.

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Personal investment

I am interested in this specific research question because AI and robotics are the most rewarding careers. In addition, being an engineer, I love the fact that I will be solely responsible for making robots and making the work of other people easier with the robots. I believe my strengths and experiences would fit this research because I will conduct a research on what I love and also because I enjoy doing a lot of research on AI and robotics. Also, I would love to invest in an AI machine that could make people’s work easier. For that reason, I believe this is an enough strength that can help me in digging deep into this matter.


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