Technologies and Career Considerations


The aim of this presentation is to illustrate the recent developments and approaches within IT Support Field.

In brief, I will present topics such as the recent developments, emerging technologies, the pace of technology, self-promotion, work patterns, career field (gender, Race, Religion) and finally employability within the IT support area.

Recent Developments

In my view, there are three current areas which are in demand in IT which are the Cloud Computing, Virtualization and Cyber-security. In this section, I will define each of the areas, justify why firms are adopting these technologies and mention some of the job roles which are available within each of the areas.


Cloud computing:

Cloud computing is the transport of on-demand computing solutions, everything from software programs to data centres via the Internet on a pay-for-use basis (IBM, 2018).

are Businesses Investing in the Cloud Technology? Reduction of IT infrastructure up-front expenses. Efficient Software deployment. Increased management and reduced maintenance Facilitates IT teams to quickly change resources.

Cloud Professionals:

  • Cloud Architect
  • Cloud Consultant
  • Cloud Product and Project Manager
  • Cloud Systems Administrator
  • Cloud System Engineer


Virtualisation is a technology that allows the virtualisation or emulation of IT Resources such as Hardware, Software, Network and Storage. It means that the Virtual Resources will function exactly the same as real equipment.

Why are businesses investing in Virtualisation?

Better Use of Hardware and Software Resources.

Lower Electricity Costs.

Better Use of the Physical Space (Data Center).

Reduction of Administrative cost (labour).

High availability of Resources.

Virtualization Professionals

Systems Administrator

Systems Engineer

Virtualization Engineer

Virtual Systems Engineer

Virtualization Infrastructure Engineer

Cyber Security:

Cyber Security can be defined as the security of IT Resources (software, hardware and data) connected to the Internet against cyber attacks.

These attacks include the following:

Unauthorised Modification

Unauthorised Deletion

Unauthorised Access

Why are Businesses investing in Cyber Security?

The increasing expense of data breaches: Cyber Attacks can be costly for firms to experience, average cost £20,000 (Consultancy, 2019).

Significantly more skilled Cybercriminals: For experienced and more skilled Cybercriminals such as hacker and crackers, organizations websites can present an entry point into the internal networks (Consultancy, 2019).

Broadly available Hacking techniques: The commercialisation of Internet Crimes allowed any individual to obtain the resources to launch damaging attacks.

A Growth of IoT Products: Rapid development of smart devices (Consultancy, 2019).

Tighter Legislation: (GDRP) firms are required to take security seriously or can be confronted with heavy penalties, (Consultancy, 2019).

Cyber Security Professionals:

Security Analyst

Security Engineer

Security Architect

Security Administrator


Security Software Developer



Chief Information Security Officer

Security Consultant/Specialist

Emerging Technologies

I strongly believe that there are two emerging fields which have been started to be implemented and will transform many industries in future, which are Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. I will define each of the areas and mention some of its applications.

Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Artificial Intelligence is a discipline of Computer Science studies which operates towards the development of technologies which could replicate the Human brain, in other words trying to make possible computers think and act just like human beings (Investopedia, 2018).

Some Applications of Artificial intelligence (AI)

  • Virtual Personal Assistants: Those devices aid in obtaining information, for instance, Amazon Echo and Home.
  • Self-driving Cars: Companies like Tesla already started manufacturing and sell self-driving cars in the USA.
  • Online Fraud Detection: Paypal is implementing Artificial Intelligence to tackle money laundering issues.

Machine Learning

Machine learning is a field of computer science that functions on the basis of algorithms with the aim of making machines (programmed computers) carry out tasks which are normally done by humans (Wikipedia, 2018).

Some Applications of Machine Learning

  • Image Recognition: An image can effectively be recognized by a database system.
  • Medical Diagnosis: Machine learning can assist in the identification of illnesses.
  • Financial Services: Machine learning can aid banking institutions to make more intelligent decisions.

Pace of Technology

Fast and many technologies are available

Let's Remember Moore's Law: It can be anticipated that the speed and capability of our computing devices will increase every single few years and over time they will become cheaper.

Skills are needed to be upgraded in order to stay current and maintain the job.

Self Promotion

Curriculum Vitae: It will be used as the first opportunity to make a good impression to potential recruiters.

Professional LinkedIn Account: This platform is regarded as an unlimited source of network connections and job opportunities.

Educational Website: It is an old project that I have to help students and IT professionals with valuable tutorials and how guidance, all the videos will be linked to my YouTube account.

Twitter Account

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Work Patterns

Full-time: Due to benefits and job Security

Career Field

IT Support

A computer support specialist provides hardware and software related issues to end users. This assistance can be performed in-house, over the telephone, through email or through chat.

Educational Requirements

Computer expertise

Bachelor's degree in IT related areas.

Associate degree in IT related areas.

IT Certifications (CompTIA+, Microsoft, Cisco and others Certifications).

A computer support specialist must have certain soft skills in order to be successful in the field such as:

Active Listening Skill

Communication Skill

Critical Thinking Skill

Problem-solving Skill

Advancement Opportunities:

With more experience, IT Support Specialists are promoted to higher positions such as IT Networking and Systems Administration.

Job Duties:

Support line of business applications

Help organizations’ users with requests for IT services

Document user calls issue resolution and associated processes and procedures.

Resolve computer issues via telephone, email or from a remote location.

Suggest modifications or updates in programming, documentation and training to tackle system issues and user needs.

Gender/Race / Religion

It is important to treat others with respect and dignity regardless of their sex, race and religion, I am the type of person who sees others as equal human beings despite differences, choices or beliefs.


The IT Job Market in most of the countries in Europe is very similar and Information Technology professionals are in demand.


During the presentation, I was able to demonstrate a precise study of the modern advancements and methods within the IT Support Area.

In short, I have specified subject areas such the Recent Developments, Emerging technologies, the pace of Technology, Self-promotion, work patterns, Career Field (gender, Race, Religion) and finally Employability within the IT Support area.

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