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Content and structure of studio-based TV


In order to develop efficient studio-based television program, it is essential to understand important aspects of television programming industry. The present study is based on an evaluation of the various type of studio productions by considering their structure and nature in television programming industry (Lugmayr, Niiranen and Kalli, 2013). It will include further description of advantages of studio production by considering viable factors. Practical examples will be added for a better understanding of subject matter.

Overview of studio based television programming

Types of studio productionWhatsapp

Television studio can be defined as a place where video productions are installed either for the recording of live television or the attainment of raw footage for the purpose of post-production. The design of these studios is similar to a movie studio. However, there are some alterations by considering requirements of television production.

Overview of studio based television programming

Figure 1: Television studio

Primarily there are three types of television production description of which is enumerated as below:

It is something that is untrue as it is the imagination of artists like novels. It provides a description of imaginary people and events for the purpose of entertainment (Ulin, 2013). An example of fiction television programs is The Flash, Lost, DC's Legends of Tomorrow,

Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. In literal terms, fiction can be classified in drama, soap opera, and sitcom.

Soap opera is focused on describing lives of many characters by forming a story; sitcom is a situational comedy of fictional characters and drama is a presentation of the complete story in particular time like an hour (Neuendorf, 2016).

Figure 1: Television studio Figure 2: Fiction Studio

In order to develop a successful fiction, there should be a proper balance of writing, financing, music and filming. It is essential because to attain attention and curiosity of public to gain better ratings. For this format, the initial complete story is developed for script writing, and later it is pictured by taking star cast for fiction. A significant element of fiction is character, plot, setting, theme and style.

Factual television production is opposite of fiction television production as it portrays actual events and people. Factual television is also known as observational documentary and reality television. An example of factual television programs is Watchdog, Crimewatch, Money Box, etc.

Figure 2: Fiction Studio Figure 3: Factual television production Figure 3: Factual television production Figure 4: Participants in factual television production

It is a studio-based program in which readers speaks directly to the camera by making use of pre-scripted dialogues. For this production, medium close up shots, and formal language (i.e. Standard English) is used (Valley, 2012). In this, each story is introduced by a piece of the camera by having lip-synced and Voiceover (VO).

The structure of this television production is highly formal as their objective is to share information not to entertain public. Thus, they are required to consider true facts supported by viable evidence. Shoot for this production can be in the studio or at the place event by reviewing the situation. In this form, producers and directors are required to take care of ethics, truth, audacity and impact of news on public. This aspect allows producers to draw on content from the related text without wide-ranging elucidation.

Light entertainment Light entertainment television programs comprise comedies, quiz or game shows, talk show, sketch shows and other variety shows (Jane, 2016). An example of this kind of television production is one vs. 100, 101 Ways to Leave a Gameshow, 24 Hours in Police Custody, 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown – Panel game, 29 Minutes of Fame – Panel game, etc.

The structure of this television production Figure 5: Light entertainment television production

This is the most critical format as production house has to manage live audiences and artists. Due to this factor, a flexible structure is adopted for this format to cope up unexpected situations. For this television show experienced, and qualified crew is required to reduce retakes and for the better visual presentation of the program.

Advantages of studio production

Television shows, films and news broadcasting are increasingly being motivated to increase space further keeping up pace with the demand there are enormous benefits recognised from studio productions. While location shooting often gives the feel of the environment, the photographers prefer studio shooting. One of the key benefits that are recognised from the studio is the ability to create a desired setting this further helps in reaping the following advantages:

Control of sound:

The TV entertainment has a point of presenting a historical, futuristic or magical setting that helps in creating a long lasting and envisioning a fictional setting. It makes it easier in the studio to constructs props and sound that provide a ravishing effect (Compesi and Gomez, 2015). An effective sound system is created to provide all the effects that a production demands. Recording in a studio while shooting is excellent and clear. There are no unwanted disturbances in context to sound, which often happen in a selected authentic location.

Control of set:

The dimension such as the height and width etc. can be varied than on location where nature and background are fixed. A studio is completely under one's control and angles, lights and textures can be varied as per the demand.


There is no doubt regarding the fact that technology is more efficient than a prescribed location. All forms of technology can be applied within a studio the same is a tough task to do within a particular state of location. Like one of the vital element of the adjustment of colour can be done with the desired combination in the studio rather than location.

Control of audience:

A studio is completely in control and space is provided for audiences to enjoy the effect of the studio. Audiences are entertained through the live encounter of shows and studio is best in providing the requisite ambience to the audience to enjoy the shows (20 Advantages of Shooting in a Studio, n.d.). The studio production also enables to record excellent sound without any worry of possible sound effects which may be originated from the unavoidable sources in a location.

Control of lightening:

The most important segment in any studio shoot is lighting effect. Along with the ready accessibility studio production also help in affixing light and clasps within the vicinity. The studio provides ample source of electricity and has a big base of backup generators to access the demanding needs of production lights along with equipment’s (Tartaglia, 2011). It is impossible to provide the green screen effect on location, and it can be done so only in the studio. The variation in lights can be created to provide a canvas effect and bring a great picture with reality effect.

Cost efficient:

Renting out a studio is comparatively cheaper than the renting of a genuine location. The arrangement of technical system and employees to gear up on location is a costly venture than arranging studio production, which provides greater control and accessibility to transform the likely environment for the shoot (Utterback, 2015).


In studio production, proper arrangements for security can be made as there is no issue of paparazzi and disturbance by public. Further, entire studio is under surveillance through which mishappening with assets as well as star cast can be prevented in order to ensure safe shoot. In the studio, there is a better arrangement with a production house like control rooms and isolation booth which monitor each and every activity for better control (Compesi and Gomez, 2015). These facilities are not possible at the live location. In addition to this, there is the least possibility of leak of footage, pictures from a studio as mobile phones and video cameras are strictly prohibited.

Health and safety

In studio production there are pre-arrangement for health and safety by complying provisions of Health and Safety Act like first aid boxes, availability of doctors on set, keeping hazardous equipment at proper places (Utterback, 2015). In the situation of an accident, quick treatment can be provided to needy to handle the situation in a better manner.

Budget controllability

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Execution of shooting is comparatively easy in the studio in comparison to location. It is because; production house get a similar environment as they expected in planning strategy. In an industry of television production, most crucial planning factor is a budget for the show and fluctuation in it can create severe problems for production house (Lee and Lang, 2015). However, while shooting in the studio there is less probability of fluctuations as entire resources are available as planned in a timely manner. Due to this aspect, production houses are not required to face additional costs due to unseen circumstances.


In accordance with the present study, the conclusion can be drawn that there are different types of studio productions and each type has its own relevance in the industry. By considering this aspect, the individual is required to select the suitable option for their television program by analysing its base that either it is fiction, factual or light entertainment. The second part of the study shows that there are various advantages of shooting in

production house like better controlling and management, health and safety arrangements, etc.


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