Addressing Vandalism in Derbyshires Beauty Spots


Vandalism in beauty spots had been a matter of great concern in recent years in London, especially during summer season when these places are visited by huge number of patrons (Atilla, 2016). Derbyshire beauty spots are the apparent victims of local vandalism that not only damages the beauty of these beauty places but also contribute to development of polluted as well as unhealthy environment for visitors. Recently, evidences show that Mam Tor (Mother Hill), is one of the famous beauty spots in Derbyshire, is reported to have high number of trashes and garbage on the stones and plain areas. Volunteers patrolling in Mam Tor have reported that, patrons are mostly responsible for this vandalism. They have stated that parents who visited thus places in last summer were lack of concern about maintaining beauty and hygienic environ in this beauty spots. Children had thrown food rappers, packets, left-over foods into her and there. The management team has reported that although parents and other patrons who are caught to be responsible for this local vandalism in this place are strictly advised to stop this malpractices, it is hard for the entire administrative team of Mam Tor to enforce relevant rules against local vandalism if visitors are not concern regarding the matter. However, local tourism ministry of Derbyshire has taken effective initiatives such as volunteer patrolling for 24 hours and enforcement of anti-vandalism rules in terms of eliminating the raising issues of local vandalism in beauty spots. The management and administrative authority of Derbyshire work hard to implement rules and regulations against vandalism with the declaration of strict punishment and penalty for vandals who will breach these legislations. In addition to that, a prefabricated restroom is designed and installed to make vandalism difficult to happen. Zero tolerance policies and security cameras are also used by the management authority of Mam Tor to monitors vandalism. The administrative body of Mam Tor also has conducted the Park ambassador program and environment awareness campaign in terms of raising concern among local people and patrons regarding the harmful impact on vandalism on entire society.


Complaint against inconvenient service by Easi-air

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