Common Elements and Patterns


This paper aims at fleshing out the understanding and practice of Corporate Social Responsibility in the Middle East and the common elements and patterns of the practice there. The expressions of CSR in the Middle East are quite unique from what is common in other regions (Frynas and Yamahaki, 2019). This paper will prove that CSR is well alive in Middle East and will explore its unique connotations.

CSR is a way adopted by businesses through which they are able to balance social, environmental and economic imperatives in line with the UN agency on Industrial Development (UNIDO) (Grayson and Hodges, 2017).



This will be a systematic review into the practice of CSR in the Middle East, focuses on business dissertation help. Multiple databases will be used to search for eligible studies to provide information including grey literature resources with a specific restriction on the Middle East region. The databases that will be used include Academic Search Premier (EBSCO), BCC Research, Business Premium Collection and Bloomberg BusinessWeek Archive. Suitable studies will be selected, data extracted and risk of bias assessed to avoid systematic and random errors. When there is no bias, then the quality of systematic reviews is excellent. Valid and reliable methods must always be used for review to increase the precision of results. There are two factors that can bring about bias in a literature review and these include exaggeration of results and lack of control over reporting. The Critical Appraisal Skills Programme (CASP) will be used to analyse the data.


The findings of the literature review will be presented with a proper demonstration of the capacity to synthesise the main topics and the existing gaps of the content and understanding of how the practice of CSR has evolved over time and its elements and patterns in the Middle East.

Analysis and Discussion

A discussion will be provided here of the implications of identifying the common elements and patterns of CSR in the Middle East. The information that will be provided here will be helpful for different businesses in the Middle East as it will provide them with the different CSR patterns that are common there and their impacts on societies and their reliability.


The main ideas of the literature review will be presented here together with a critical discussion of the limitations of the work together with a suggestion of how the limitations could be overcome.

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The Harvard Referencing system will be used.


The literature that shall have been used will be presented in greater detail here, using the CASP table.


Frynas, J.G. and Yamahaki, C., 2019. Corporate Social Responsibility: An Outline of Key Concepts, Trends, and Theories. In Practising CSR in the Middle East (pp. 11-37). Palgrave Macmillan, Cham.

Grayson, D. and Hodges, A., 2017. Corporate social opportunity! Seven steps to make corporate social responsibility work for your business. Routledge.

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