Procurement and Acquisitions Management

Procurement and Acquisitions Management COURSES

  • Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, 12:01 AM to 12:00 AM, On-Line
  • Facilitated and open forum discussions requiring active student participation throughout the class period. Participation will be graded based on the degree of involvement and substance of individual student input on a weekly and term level basis.
  • Each student is responsible for completing each week’s assignments. Periodically there will be special activities, please ensure you read and complete the requirements listed in all the tabs for each week.
  • Each student is required to make three posts per week (their own plus two in response to their peer’s postings). Weekly posts are based on Sun – Sat. To receive full credit the minimum posts must be posted NLT Thursday of each week, this is to allow sufficient time for others to respond. From week to week, I will ask additional questions based on your posts. This is to facilitate class conversation as well as elaborate on relevant weekly material. In order to receive full credit, ALL questions, including my additional questions must be answered. I cannot stress enough that weekly posts must be substantive, display critical analysis, and contain more than simply “great post” and “I agree,” typically 3-5 sentences. Students are responsible for reading the text and weekly material(s) and assimilating them with their posts.

Required Textbook

Purchasing & Supply Chain Management

  • Author: Monczka, Handfield
  • Publisher: Cengage
  • Edition: 6th
  • ISBN: 978-1285869681

Discussion Guidelines

Posting Requirements:

  • For your initial response cut and paste each question prior to your response. Place ALL responses to the above questions on a SINGLE post
  • When responding to a fellow classmate (for your two additional posts) you only need to respond to 1-2 of their thoughts and not the entire post

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It may be helpful to think of the discussion page as tantamount to class participation. In order to receive the full amount of points each week (remember posts account for 20% of your grade), you will be required to make three posts NLT than Thursday of each week. The first post is in response to the weekly questions, and the second is to two of your fellow classmates. So now the question is “what is an acceptable post?”

The sign on the door (class) is graduate level, so that should be your mindset. Anybody can read the class notes or open the text and regurgitate material. At the graduate level, the expectation is to provide a higher level of thinking in conjunction with your critical analysis.

By critical analysis, you should elevate the question and provide substantive feedback. Your responses are not meant to be “gut” responses; they should be based on research and in some cases personal experiences. If your assertion is connected to a published article or source, please feel free to attach it to your post. If you happen to disagree with an author or fellow classmate’s viewpoint, no problem, make your case and let’s discuss it. I am by no means looking for consensus, and all opinions are welcomed. You have the complete academic freedom to present your ideas and opinions.

Consider your posts in the same manner as being asked a question in class about a particular topic. You wouldn’t just flip to a page and read it out loud. You would provide an assessment based on your research, observations, and experiences. This will also help you respond to your fellow classmate's post. Remember avoid bookish responses and provide substantive critical analysis. You will hear this theme throughout the course. As a helpful hint, if your response(s) to your fellow classmates begins with "I agree..." you are probably headed in the wrong direction. There is no issue with agreeing with your classmates, the concern with "I agree..." posts is that they rarely elevate the conversation.

Now back to “setting you up for success and passing grade”. Each post is worth 1 pt., yep it’s an all or nothing situation. No points are awarded for posts that merely state “good post… or I agree” and lack substance. Posts that provide a level of critical analysis, reflect research, and go beyond the text will receive full credit. Please do not overcook this requirement, for each question/response you only need to provide a short response, typically 5-7 sentences will suffice.


Written Assignments/Case Paper

Three specific cases from the text will be graded, analyzed and discussed. Students will respond to specific questions following each case. Students will use course concepts and material to justify answers/responses. Gut responses are discouraged; mastery of the material by displaying critical analysis at the masters level is the standard for these assignments.

Topical Paper

A 12-15 pages topical paper, (cover page, abstract, references and attachments not counted in 12-15 page count) with citations. The subject of which is directly relevant to Purchasing and Acquisitions Management that clearly demonstrates a graduate level command of writing and critical thinking. Minimum of 8 scholarly references (WikiLeaks, Wikipedia and dictionaries are not scholarly references). Do not use your text as a resource for this objective. All topics must be pre-approved by the instructor NLT end of week 3.

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Late Work & Absences

  • Late Work: All assignments are to be submitted electronically by midnight of the due date to receive full credit. Unless prior arrangements have been made, all late assignments will be penalized 2 points per day. Virtual classroom submissions link is programed to automatically open and close at prescribed times. No assignments will be accepted after the last night of class without prior approval.
  • Absences: If you are unable to fulfill your weekly commitments due to work related issues and will be absent, you must submit a copy of your TDY orders, or acceptable documentation for your absence. This is necessary to meet school policy. Webster’s policy calls for students to attend every class room session unless there are extenuating circumstances approved by your instructor.


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