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I am a highly motivated and experienced individual; as an educator, looking to secure a teaching position to apply my expertise. I have a well-Proven track record of successful production of excellent results while I was working as a lecturer. Additionally, I have excellent administration skills, thorough knowledge of all Microsoft Office programs, database as well as proficiency in minute-taking. I am a Skilled senior and team member, able to maintain a productive work environment and a positive attitude while promoting an organization's objectives. During my job history, I have learned interpersonal relationships, organization skills and I am a creative thinker which makes me believe that I am the best candidate for this position. Nevertheless, I can work under pressure with minimal supervision while maintaining quality and ethics in my job. From my previous job positions, I have learned to embrace equality, diversity and usually assess and address issues of bias in time. I am multilingual which makes me believe I can handle an additional number of children's needs if offered this position. Besides, I am a highly organized individual who can efficiently prioritize, multi-task while promoting a safe working environment. Those who are pursuing advanced degrees face challenges in crafting their dissertations so they prefer seeking guidance through Education Dissertation Help as it gives valuable support and knowledge about the issues.


From the description of the teaching position, I believe that it requires an individual who is academically and professionally qualified. Looking at my educational background, I persued HSSC which is equivalent to British GCSE. Moreover, I persues a bachelor's degree in mathematics from Bharathidasan University, India, before pursuing a Master of Mathematics (MSc) and Master of Philosophy in Mathematics at the same university. Moreover, to advance my career and be the best, I am pursuing a Post Graduate Certificate of Education (PGCE) from Bradford College which has taught me more about teaching and leadership. Moreover, this course developed my curriculum development ability among other skills. Besides, from my love for children and women, I pursuing BA (Hons) Social Work which though not completed, I believe would be very critical to this position. Furthermore, I am a holder of GCSE English and GCSE Maths which promoted my mathematics and communication skills. All these academic qualifications make me believe that I am the most qualified candidate to occupy this position.

Besides, looking at my professional experience, after finishing my master’s degree, I worked as a lecturer in a private college for four years, from 2002 to 2006 in India. This position made me believe that I have a great strength of understanding each student's unique requirements and supporting them to develop their confidence, knowledge, and skills. In 2006, I went to Germany and learned German. I obtained German citizenship through naturalization. In the few years I spend in German, I involved myself in activities that promoted young children's development. I also spent time improving my IT skills enrolling in courses in Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint. After returning to the UK in 2013, I undertook a volunteer-ship position in primary schools in Bradford for three years as a TA. From this position, I gained a lot of experience in how schools in the UK operate and as well, developed several skills including leadership and teaching skills. After my period of volunteer-ship ended, I applied for a lunchtime supervisor job which was part-time as I wanted to spend more time with my daughters who were in nursery and reception, and mentor them- a skill I believe would be beneficial to your institution. Moreover, to create professional development and the ability to work with disabled children, I applied for a support worker position as a Saturday part-time job. Additionally, in 2017, I applied for a full-time supply cover supervisor job. From my work history, I believe that learning mathematics continues to be extraordinarily career and it's my objective to continue mentoring students anywhere I work to develop competence in mathematics.

I believe that this is a great opportunity that requires an individual who can Liaise with curriculum management, teaching, and non-teaching staff, other relevant employees, partner institutions as well as parents to ensure students' success. Moreover, the purpose of the position requires an individual who can support curriculum leadership teamwork to implement and as well deliver a balanced, broad, differentiated and relevant curriculum for learners and ensure their achievement by monitoring and supporting the progress of learners. Moreover, the position requires an individual who can encourage and facilitate learning experience. Also the individual should monitor and provide opportunities for academic and personal growth and success. From my work experience as a lecturer at Sami Arul College and other position I held both as a volunteer and work position, I believe that I have gained extensive and excellent relevant experience which match the requirements and purpose of this position. This makes me hope I can better advance the success of your institution while promoting its objectives and missions.

As an experienced educator, I have excellent experience in developing relevant resources, syllabuses, marking policies, schemes of work, as well as teaching. Moreover, I can undertake appropriate teaching programs, plan and prepare learning resources while contributing to the whole institution’s planning activities. Among other roles, I can participate in ‘learning walks’ and implementing academy policies since I have undertaken similar roles in previous job positions. Additionally, from my training and job positions, I can excellently teach students according to their educational needs, assess them to determine their progress including oral and written assessments. Also being an IT expert and an individual who mentor young people, I like teaching my students to be IT literate which I believe match the requirements of this job position. From my academic background, I am an expert in preparing and update subject materials.

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As mentioned earlier, I have experience in the development of a curriculum which provides various teaching aspects and which match the institution's objectives. Additionally, I can provide support to the academy's extra-curricular offer which I have learned from previous job positions. Knowing the importance of quality education, I can provide quality education via contributing to evaluating and monitoring curriculum areas, reviewing methods of teaching and programs of work from time to time among other practices. In terms of student’s assessment, I like assessing my learners and offered this position, I can excellently complete appropriate documentation for tracking learners’ performance. I also have experience in student's assessments as per the requirements of external examination bodies. Moreover, I can develop strategies to assist students to improve their performance based on various curriculum development theories.

Looking at my personality, I have excellent personal skills and the ability to communicate effectively with all kinds of people. This also enables me to represent the institution's views in a manner that is professional. From my zeal to develop professionally, I am willing to take any academic and professional training which would improve my career and outcome. As a team-oriented individual, offered a chance, I can work hard to motivate both teaching and non-teaching staff while promoting better working relationships. Lastly, from the position description, I believe I have the most appropriate qualification which makes me the most suitable and qualified candidate to undertake the role specified by the position. Therefore, with my skills and experience, we can work together to achieve your organizational goals and objectives.

I am grateful to the organization for providing me ample opportunity to apply for this role.

Yours Sincerely



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