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Standing Order mandate

Important information, please read carefully,

Please ensure that, you put your reference as your child’s name or your child roll number (you can get your child roll no. from your child’s teachers), so it will be easier for us to identify your payment each time it comes to us.

Please return the slip or the print out confirmation from your bank as a proof of standing order being successfully set up.

Please note: the fee is due 1st day of each month, so you are required to pay it on time every month, failure to do so may result in losing the right to pay by monthly installments and in this case, you will have to make the whole year payment in advance or else your child will be withdrawn from his/her classes and Readmission to the Centre will be required (subject to availability of spaces) and upon payment of the full fee’s being paid. Please inform us in advance, if you find any difficulties in paying the fees on-time.

Failure to pay on time or if you’re standing order fails, then you will be charged an extra admin cost fees, which is currently £10.

We hope tha


t, this standing order method will be convenient for all of us, (parents, teachers, and the management). We want our teachers to spend full time with their students and do not constantly remind / follow up for the fees, which cause unnecessary time being spent.

Jazakallah & thank you for your co-operation

Changes the way you pay your child’s Madrasah fees

Dear Parents/Guardian,

For the convenience of the parents / guardians and the teachers, we are writing to inform you that, from September 2019 onwards, we will only accept the fees of the following methods.

Cash payment is only accepted half yearly (Usually in September & March)

Monthly payment can only be made via bank (standing order)

Failure to pay or inform us on time or your standing order fails; you will be charged an additional admin cost, which is currently £10

We want to make sure that, the teachers are able to spend full times with their students, so that, we have to make these changes.

We hope you will co-operate with our decision fully.

Since, the establishment of AAET in 2010, we have been providing various educational services including prayers, religious and academic activities by hiring halls & center’s.

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Alhamdulillah, lately we have managed to purchase a freehold building & have been able to transfer all our activities and as a result many people have been practicing the deen of Allah and benefitting from our various services.

The total cost of the building including renovation work was £400,000, of which approximately £255,000, is Qard-e-hasanah (Debts) outstanding and needs to be re-paid as soon as possible.

Address: 434 Barking Road, Eastham, London, E6 2SA

 434 Barking Road, Eastham, London, E6 2SA



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