Assessing Vertical Countermovement Jumps


There is wide use of countermovement jumps (CMJs) in the training of athletes, monitoring performance and also in research as a power output indicator. Most jumping is characterized by arm-swing and countermovement. While there has been extensive research on CMJs, there is only limited research on the specific impacts of vertical countermovement jumps. The purpose of this study was threefold: 1) to do a comparison of vertical CMJ performance between male and female athletes, 2) to investigate the muscular activity of the biceps femoris (BF) during vertical CMJ using force plates, and 3) to determine the impacts of vertical countermovement jumps. To determine the impacts of vertical CMJs, Whatsapp 12 participants, both male and female performed 1 countermovement jump each with arm swing to low box (20cm) and 1 jump to high box (40cm). Surface to record surface EMG, Delsys Trigno Wireless EMG system developed by Delsys Inc, Natick, USA. On the other hand, force plate data was collected using Kistler force plates, type Z17068aa developed by Kistler, Winterthis, Switzerland. The EMG data was syncrhonised woth force data through Vicon Nexus 2.7 developed by Vicon Motion Systems Ltd, Oxford, UK.

The High Box Jump, Peak Biceps Femoris EMG of the women during the ground contact phase was observed to be higher with a mean of 63.675, compared to men whose mean was 59.92%. The low box jump Peak Rectus Femoris EMP for men during the ground contact phase was observed Order Nowto be higher, with a mean of 47.42%, compared to women, whose mean was 4.58%. These findings point to CMJ being reliant on an increased contribution of elastic tissues during CMJ movements and as such, requiring less muscle activation of the BF.

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