Dementia Health Interventions in BAME Elderly Women


The study focuses on the various health promotional interventions in terms of dementia among the women of 65 years and above age, who belong to the black and the minority ethnic community (BAME community). Various health advocacy interventions are implemented for the people suffering from various diseases or disorders to provide them with the best possible solution and the interventional strategy (Goeman et al., 2016). Health advocacy is thus a skill set, where the various opinions in terms of the public are made for supporting various individuals, who are suffering from different issues in terms of their health. Thus, diverse policies are made under the health advocacy interventions for increasing empowerment of the people or the groups. The whole chapter focuses on the aim and the objectives of the research undertaken, along with this, the research questions are mentioned along with the background of the whole study. By the use of the statistical data, it is easier to conduct the whole study.



“What are the major ways by which various health promotional interventions are effective for the women of age 65 years and above; suffering from dementia, belonging to the BAME community in England and Lambeth?”


Dementia is a syndrome, where there is deterioration in the memory power of the individual along with their thinking, behaviour and abilities for doing various day to day activities. Dementia mainly affects the people belonging to the old age, but this syndrome is not the normal consequence of aging (Goeman et al., 2016). All over the world, about 50 million people are suffering from dementia and as per the estimates, about 10 million new cases are found every year due to dementia. Thus, due to the decreased ability of such people in terms of making decisions and carrying out their day to day activities it becomes a serious problem to them, as well as for their family members and the caretakers (World Health Organization, 2018).

Due to the high rate of prevalence of dementia among the women of age 65 years and above in the BAME community at Lambeth, this problem is taken under the consideration to identify different health advocacy interventions for incorporating diverse changes in the healthcare systems and the policies to be implemented there. Thus, by this study, the quality of life may be improved for such members of the society in England and Lambeth, through empowering the broad-base actions.


According to JSNA, (2017), in a minority group of people, dementia is relatively prevalent mainly in the BAME community. The people, who belong to the black African and the Caribbean community in the U.K., suffer from this disease (JSNA, 2017).

Estimated prevalence of dementia in England among the BAME community people

It is estimated by Office for national statistics, (2020) that, about 12,400 people in England are living with dementia, which belong to 65 years and above the age and belong to the BAME community. Thus, the problem becomes further complicated in terms of supporting and helping such people and develop various interventional strategies for them (Office for national statistics, 2020).

Thus, according to Clinical commissioning group, (2019), safety issue is the most important aspect among the patients suffering from dementia thus recognitions, as well as the management of such issues, must take place to reduce the problem. From various statistical data the prevalence of dementia in England was estimated to be among the people, who belong to 65 years and above of age (Clinical commissioning group, 2019). From the data provided by the Clinical commissioning group, (2019) it is seen that, about 65% of the people suffering from dementia are females. This disease was the cause of maximum deaths among the female in the U.K. during 2016-17. Thus, if observed, about 850,000 people are living with dementia in the U.K., out of which 537,097 people have got the diagnosis done. Thus, from the data, it is estimated that, this disease is very prevalent in there (Clinical commissioning group, 2019).

Thus, according to Goeman et al., (2016), in terms of the research various institutions are being made for raising the awareness and responding to the women's of age 65 years and above belonging to the BAME (Black, Asian Minority Ethnic Group) group and living with the condition of dementia in England and Lambeth (Goeman et al., 2016). Thus, for such people belonging to the BAME community, their rights to diverse health services are looked into along with their access to various government policies and legislation. All these actions are taken in concern to the mental health as well as the capacity of the safeguarding of such people by reducing their various inequalities in terms of their health (World Health Organization, 2018).


Since, dementia is a very prevalent syndrome in England and Lambeth thus; the females who belong to the age group of 65 years and above suffer from the disorder, mainly belonging to the BAME community. Thus, this topic needs to be taken under research to identify various health advocacy interventions for them, thus creating the guiding coalition and developing and maintaining the influential relationships for them. Since, the number of people suffering from dementia is increasing over the period of time in England and Lambeth, the study is conducted to determine different interventions for such people who belong to the BAME group and are females aged 65 years and above. In Lambeth, dementia is the leading cause of death for the women. About 1,497 people have been diagnosed in there out of 1,908 people suffering from dementia (World Health Organisation, 2018). Thus, this place is determined to be the locality, where the maximum people who are of the BAME community and are living with dementia. Hence, due to the high rate of prevalence in there of dementia among the females of 65 years and age there, the topic is chosen and the following research is being conducted (Office for national statistics, 2020).


The main aim of the research is to increase awareness among the women, suffering from dementia, with aged 65 and above, who belong to the Black and Ethnic minority group in England and the borough of Lambeth.


The objectives in terms of the whole research are as follows:

To identify the prevalence of dementia among the female's age 65 years and above in the BAME community in Lambeth.

To be able to acknowledge the associations between the health promotional strategies and the prevalence of dementia in Lambeth.

To critically evaluate the efficiency of the health advocacy in preventing dementia among the women of age 65 years and above mainly belonging to the BAME community in Lambeth.

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To recommend some suitable suggestions to develop effective health promotional activities in order to raise awareness of dementia, among the women aged 65+, from the Black and Ethnic minority group in England and the borough of Lambeth.


Goeman, D., King, J. and Koch, S., 2016. Development of a model of dementia support and pathway for culturally and linguistically diverse communities using co-creation and participatory action research. BMJ open, 6(12), p.e013064.

Le Low, L.P., Lam, L.W. and Fan, K.P., 2017. Decision-making experiences of family members of older adults with moderate dementia towards community and residential care home services: a grounded theory study protocol. BMC geriatrics, 17(1), p.120.

World Health Organization, 2018. Dementia toolkit for community workers in low-and middle-income countries: guide for community-based management and care of people with dementia.

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