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Empowering Autonomy within Family Dynamics

Wider context of the trigger for this family member e.g. autism, breast awareness, prevalence, adolescence, funding, personalised care, autonomy, medication, pain management (you could include some statistics here).

Adam is the family member who is 13 years old and suffering from Autism is the key focus to understand the way his needs can be fulfilled on the basis of the current family condition. One of the wider triggers acting for this family member is lack of autonomy in taking decision Whatsapp and executing own task. This is evident as Adam due to his autistic condition do not have effective cognitive ability in analysing complex situation and take his own decision. Thus, the parents of Adam do not allow him to take his own decision and make him dependent on them in making care decision such as the mother decides the way he is to travel to school without asking about his preferences. The children suffering from autism on entering puberty require enhanced attention as they develop confusion and fear with the altering changes in the body and emotions (Muscatello and Corbett, 2018). In case of Adam, it is seen that he is 13 and is going to enter puberty. However, due to the uprising condition in the family, where Rachel is suffering from breast cancer along with trying to cope with her husband’s accidental situation and Alison’s self-harm action that led her to be hospitalised it is seen to led her being anxious and stressed to cope up with the situation. Thus, the emotional condition of Rachel may has acted as a trigger for not being able to holistically care for Adam during puberty which may have led him to develop disturbed mental state as expressed. In the accident, it was seen that Adam faced minor injuries, but experience of the accident acts as emotional trigger for him to remain emotionally confused and fearful of the condition. This is because autistic individuals have ineffective emotional and cognitive stability which leads them unable to easily accept accidental situation and remain fearful of the situation.

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