Implementing Health Promotion Principles in Workplace Settings

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In my workplace settings I use to focus on promoting health and wellbeing of people in my locality. According to Eldredge et al. (2016) health promotion is referred as the process of improving as well as promoting health and wellbeing of people in community with providing best care and health support in order to meet their basic health needs. Being a senior nurse in local healthcare centre, I use to focus on different principles of health promotion such as implementing the healthy public policy into practices, strengthening community actions, creating positive and supportive environment, develop personal skill of the service users and reorient the health care service in order to reduce the risk of illness. I also emphasize on following important approaches of health promotion such as medical approaches, societal approaches, client-centred approaches and educational approaches. Through using these approaches I am able to improve the way of treatment process and care to service users in order to reduce their health risk.


By providing proper health education and information to local people I use to improve the knowledge of local people own health and wellbeing. In my workplace, I focus on maintaining the key principles of health promotion into my practice. I use to maintain strong cooperation with my colleagues and staffs, in order to provide quality and timely service to the local community people. I implement all health and social care policies into my practice in terms of maintaining equality and ethics in the health promotion framework. I use to provide the equal care and support to all service users in the local community irrespective of their caste, religion, race and ethnicity. In order to eliminate the health inequality I use to focus on maintaining proper balance among social determinants of health. I work with close cooperation of the local health care centres and NGOs, in order to provide proper education, health literacy, housing facilities and employment to the community people. Moreover I use to work with the local health and social care committee in order to provide the health education to the community people in order to improve their overall understand about their own health and wellbeing.

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