Navigating Breast Cancer Treatments

As per the analysis, there is difference in the interventions among the patients, who are suffering from breast cancer. The differences in the interventions to treat the patients for early invasive breast cancer detection are significant, which further indicates that the null hypothesis of the study is being rejected. There are multiple interventions in treating the patients with breast cancer and as per the study, it has also been explored that the breast cancer incidents per intervention is effective and it provides a scope to conduct significant comparison among the interventions.


The research is effective for identifying the issues related to the breast cancer among the women and through the analysis, it has been explored that, there is no such differences in the independent variables and thus the null hypothesis of the research is being rejected. As per the analysis, the MRI is considered as an efficient way to treat the patients and develop suitable intervention plan and it can detect the diseases at early stage. Thus, it is possible to reduce the cases of chemotherapy and lower the mortality rate. Mammography may cause false results and the method of MRI is a cost effective practice, which provides authentic results of the detection of the breast cancer (Sung et al., 2016). The result is related to the real practice in the society which is the main strength of the research and on the other hand, there is no such limitation of the study. The research is hereby effective for developing diagnostic results and patient-centered care, where early detection and intervention planning for treating the patients can be created efficiently.

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