Regular Expressions in Computer Science

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  • Published On: 25-05-2024
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Regular Expressions


Regular expression is a sequence of characters that are effective to define a search pattern. Through the search pattern, it is possible for the users to identify the string searching activities of the algorithms for find or find and replace. Input validation is managed through this regular expressions and it is widely used for computer science and formal language. There are various regular expressions which are alphanumeric strings like pattern, wild cards, grouping, character sets, brackets and alternations. A bracket is one type of regular expression which is utilized to enclose in square bracket to match in any order anywhere in a string. It is the RE that matches the single character in the string as well as identifies the multiple character collating elements based on the set of bracket expression. On the other hand, wild card is also another regular expression where it is utilized for matching the preceding character 0 or more times. The quantifiers matched the preceding expression to n times where n is the natural numbers. Wildcards is the advanced search technique which is utilized to maximize the search results in the library databases. On the other hand, brackets are utilized for grouping and capturing in the regular expression. The square brackets define the character class and it is utilized by quantifier with specific limits, but wild cards are utilized for n numbers of expression for multiple searching options. Bracket matches the single character in the regular expression and on the other hand, wildcards can match multiple characters ion the expression through quantifiers. Wildcards is considered as the multiple characters searching in the character strings whereas a bracket is considered as a single expression searching technique. Wild card is combined with the asterisk operator and it is language utilized for multiple searching. Brackets are utilized to enclose the characters in a limited numbers of expressions. Both the regular expressions are effective to manipulate the data set, but wild cards are widely utilized for its multiple properties as combated to bracket.

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