Exploring Factors Influencing Employee Engagement and Satisfaction in Talent Management


This study incorporates a greater aspect of understanding the factors, which impact employee engagement. Employee satisfaction and employee motivation are two important parts of managing the extraordinary analysis of employee's mental wellbeing. The mental dilemma is caused due to the inappropriate use of talent management techniques and not getting enough opportunity to grow in personal and professional life. Employee management is associated with giving equal opportunities for all to grow. Several observations are made through the process of understanding some employee satisfaction elements like getting additional benefits, bonuses, and flexible working hours

Literature Review

Employee Satisfaction


Employee satisfaction is largely associated with boosting up the growth inside an organization and gaining a complete work-life balance inside the corporate world is required. There is work satisfaction of each employee indulged inside an organization by getting attractive salary packages and aligning with job security. According to Carter et al. (2018), there is a lack of interest observed in some people, that are supposed to ensure complete work growth. They are more prone to sit idle and enjoy benefits. People are capable of working in shifts and they should be given enough opportunities to grow. Employee happiness is essential for any organization to emerge in the ultimate delivery of products. Interactive growth management occurred through essential component analysis within this particular domain or industry. There are several employees observed that require regular recognition and a hike in their overall salary. There is a significant services module designed for low-cost employee recognition like arranging a small pizza party or throwing a birthday party. Hierarchy of Needs by Maslow and Hygiene Theory by Herzberg are two most important theories to be considered here. Honoring each staff at the time of their birthdays can be quite impressive. Identifying the duties of each associated member are creating a sustainable work breakdown structure is important.

Employee Motivation

There should be career advancement opportunities given to each employee. A motivated employee is someone that creates recognition and inspiration for successful data analysis. Desirable workplace improvement is something that ensures secure investment of labor done by an employee inside an organization. There is secure channeling done within systematic review management inside a company (Stoyanova and Iliev, 2017). Not only does fair pay engage and motivate employees, but it also ensures that an employee is working in a positive work culture where each person is eager to help. In case a new person joins in, there should be an environment created that the person never feels out of the box. Moreover, helping them learn new things and general management of work is quite appreciated. There should not be any gender or skin color discrimination. All persons should be treated well and career progression is managed. It is essential to have good communication between employees and employers to manage their internal conflict and keep transparency in between.

Employee Engagement

A happy employee is always expected to deliver better work. Employee's peace of mind allows a company to gain maximum benefit and increased productivity. The attitude of employees depends on the workplace tension and maximum cooperation between the influencers. According to reports, 25% of jobs are succeeded through IQ (Davies, Mete, and Whelan, 2018). Company culture and behavior of leadership and upper management help gain complete satisfaction within each company's members. An employee, if mentally tired and emotionally tired becomes a burden to the organization as it costs productivity. No matter how much benefit an employee is given, it remains unfaithful, as they require a high amount of technology. There is also cultural diversity as all employees are not participating in different office functions and festivals. Employees might sometimes feel underperformed, as there is less connectedness if racism is done. Employee engagement in the workplace is done as per the flexible pay structure and work analysis. Fair pay is one of the most important attributes of employee engagement. Transparency kept in between organizational heads and employees helps in contributing to interpersonal connectivity. There is not much essential concentration done for the capability of employee engagement and association.

Factors that impact employee engagement

Key factors that are associated with employee engagement are in the format of:

Trust in leadership

Trust in leadership is ranked higher than any other factor in today’s world as there is immediate incorporation of data done. There is an intermediating relationship observed between leadership and all other hierarchies. At the lowest part of the hierarchy seldom has a chance to communicate directly with leadership or talk about their issues (Osborne and Hammoud, 2017). There is the strongest impact observed for employees reacting to the cultural benefits inside an organization. The organizational perspective of taking pride in employees is associated with six factors.

Mission and goal analysis

Individual fit with a cultural value increase

Alignment of organizational data

Bearing treatment cost for employees

Management of employee recognition

Job satisfaction aspects


Transparency and friendliness with manager

Employee's performance is leaping a coincidence of organizational factors are increased and they are getting help from different supervisors to get one-on interaction. Employee equality is the first and foremost element to start any base foundation for organizational growth, Identifying the individual fit with organizational culture helps in 100% association of employees. According to studies (Seymour and Geldenhuys, 2018), 79% of fully engaged employees had strongly agreed that they were a good fit with their organization’s culture. It was compared to 16% of actively disengaged employees. Research conducted in 2018-2019 shows that in case a worst-case scenario inside an organization is created due to ill-treatment of employees.

Organizational pride

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Employees are supposed to take organizational pride and they should be treated as assets. Productivity increase programs and monthly tutorials should be provided for finding depression relief and immediate interactiveness (Stoyanova and Iliev, 2017). Sharing issues with experts might help gain confidence back within employees.


This study is associated with organizational employee engagement and identifying important factors that improve it. Cultural diversity and a helpful environment is something that is cherished by each employee. Not all people are treated with similar types of behavior inside an organization. This discrimination should be controlled to gain maximum employee engagement and achieving productivity at work.



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