Mitigating Misinterpretation, and Ensuring Authenticity

The prewriting stage

While transcribing the information in the research, sometimes the main information is misinterpreted or misconducted. It would be useful for the researcher to ask question and collect several answers to draw the ultimate conclusion. It is also helpful to mitigate the existing issues by evaluating the arguments and identifying the evidences. It is not important to spend a lot of time on searching the valid information until the last minute; rather it is crucial to write down the questions of the research and observations for developing effective planning to conduct the study efficiently. Identifying the valid information, taking notes and evaluating the information are the major practice of developing the research and rewriting the major points critically. Hence, the prewriting phase is important for the researcher to collect the authentic information, evaluate the findings and develop good content of the research.


Source information:

Authors: Barnet, S. and Bedau, H.

Year of Publication: 2014

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Title of Work: Critical Thinking, Reading, and Writing: A Brief Guide to Argument (8th ed.)

Publisher: Boston, NY.

The idea behind working on the literature review dissertation help is to find out the gaps that need to be filled through the existing literature review or by drafting out the new written work with the help of facts and figures. When dealing with the research process it is thereby important to ask questions and search for several answers that one is required to draft a good dissertation written document. One thing should be kept in mind that when articulating out the written word document it is thereby significant to search for true aspects of information regardless of delivering out false data to the readers.

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