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Exploring the Impact of Person-Job Fit on Job Performance

1. Describe Your Variables Of Interest:


Individual’s engagement in his assigned work is having an impact on their performance. The employees’ engagement in the job i.e. the individual’s enthusiasm and involvement in the job is defined as job engagement. If the employee is having higher job engagement then he/she is more likely to have higher job performance. For the given division the problems which are been identified includes high level of sickness absence, missed deadlines, high staff turnovers, low morale and energy levels. Also the exit interviews had reflected that the company’s autocratic style of management is responsible for all these issues in the company. The Division head believes that lower employee engagement is the main reason for all the problems in the division.


Job engagement is a broader topic and different factors are associated with it and are having an impact on it. This report focuses on two variables person job fit and job performances which are associated with job engagement, in which person job fit is the independent variable and job performance is the dependent variable. According to the study of Chidi, F. et al., (2018), employees with high job profile fit are having better commitment with the company because their interest, aspirations and personal needs are well aligned with the company (Chidi & Ebele, 2018).


In the view of Iqbal (2012), it was found that the human resource managers should focus on the employees’ capabilities and person job fit for having higher job performance. This study reflects that if the employee’s abilities match best with the job profile then the individual reflects higher performance in the organization. Also the study of (Rahmadani & Sebayang, 2017) has showed that personal job fit is having an influence on the work engagement and job performance. These researches reflects that if the employee’s capabilities and skills aligns well with the job profile then the employee is likely to deliver higher job performance.


I believe that if the employee’s skills and capabilities align well with the job description and job profile the employees will reflect higher job performance in the division. According to me the company should focus on relationship between the person job profile and job performance for solving the above mentioned problems in the company.

2. Hypothesis

h0: There is no significant relationship between Person Job Fit and Job Performance

h1: There is a significant relationship between Person Job Fit and Job Performance

In the context of the above mentioned hypothesis several researchers had also performed different researches on it. Iqbal (2012) had performed a study on analysing the relationship between the person job fit, job satisfaction and job performance. The study aimed at explaining the relevance between the above mentioned two variables. The managers should understand that the person job fit and job competencies are associated with the employees’ characteristics of delivering quality of work in the company.

Furthermore, Chidi, et al., (2018), had performed the study to examine the relationships which exists between the person job fit and employee performance in selected commercial banks in Anambra state. According to this study the authors, stated that there is a gap between the interest of employees and their commitment towards the company. Also this gap leads to lower performance of the employee in the company.

Moreover, (Rahmadani & Sebayang, 2017) had also performed a study to measure the person organisation fit to work engagement and the influence of person job fit to work engagement. In this study the authors believe that if the employee is satisfied with the job and the employee fits appropriately with the job description then it will increase the level of work engagement among the employees.

3. Making The Case To Your Client

In this report after creating a background and analysing the different issue with the employee engagement in the company the researcher move forward on seeking permission from the company’s executive board for doing this research.

With the on-going issues in the division the report aims at analysing the relationship among the profile job fit and employee performance. These two variables are having an impact on the employee engagement in the company. Different researchers had also performed the researches for analysing the relationship among these two variables as they are having an influence on different factors in the company (Knafl, Deatrick & Havill, 2012).

These two mentioned variables play an important role in the employee management of the company. Person job fit reflects that how the individual’s skills, knowledge and capabilities match with the job profile and job description. It is one of the important factors for the organisation as it has an influence on the different factors such as job satisfaction, job selection and employee retention and turnover as well. If the employee fits well according to the job description then it will lead to higher job satisfaction, positive employee behaviour, higher productivity and quality of work (Ogunola, Kalejaiye & Abrifor, 2013). Moreover, employee performance refers to the equality of work which is being delivered by the employee in the workplace. Employee’s performance is having an impact on the organisations productivity and profitability. Higher employee performance is required for the company as it leads the company towards its goals and objectives.

This research would help the company in solving the current problems and also helps in employee engagement. For this study, the researcher will use two different methods for collecting the data and researching. The researcher would collect information through survey and interviews as well. These methods of research are cost efficient and will provide benefits to the company (Mihalache, Jansen, Van den Bosch & Volberda, 2014). This research would provide opportunities for building higher job satisfaction among the employees which will reduce the employee turnover and helps the company in employee retention. Also helps the company in building high employee engagement among the employee which in return provides several benefits to the company.

This research would also help the managers in understanding that what practices may help them in building better relationships with the employees. Along with this it also helps the company in appointing correct individual at correct position according to its capabilities, skills and knowledge. Allocation of employee according to its capabilities would help them in delivering high quality of work to the company and they also feel responsible and confident about their assigned job profile (Warr & Inceoglu, 2012). This research would provide several other additional benefits to the company. This will also improve the management of the division and better aligns of all the departments of the division among themselves which is important for the company. With the help of the results of this research the organisation would be able to understand the relationship among both the variables and can use this information for solving the issues and leading the company towards growth and higher profitability and productivity.

4. Measuring the variables

In this study the researcher uses the questionnaire survey for collecting the information. In this questionnaire the researcher would measure the predictor variable i.e. person job fit would be measured by using scale. Here scale refers to the questions which are included in this questionnaire for measuring the variable. Different relevant question which are able to provide us the information regarding the variable are included in this questionnaire survey. While designing the survey special attention has been paid on the quality of the survey. This questionnaire is developed by using the relevant data which will help in testing the above mentioned hypothesis for the company. Sample of the questionnaire has been sent to the institute with the objectives and the problems of the study so that the institution can suggest or recommend the changes in the sample questionnaire (Alfes, Shantz, Truss, & Soane, 2013) Along with this reliability of the questionnaire has been also taken into consideration by the researcher. For analysing the reliability of the results of the research, consistency of the responses has also been analysed.

For analysing the responses in this study, the researcher had used seven point likert scale. This scale is used for representing the responses or the answers of the people’s opinions on the research topic. In this scale the responses are being represented as ranges from one extreme to another extreme and this scale is usually used in the questionnaires. This scale represents the responses on the scale from strong agreed to strongly disagree (Shuck, & Reio Jr, 2014).

5. Statistical data analysis

Statistical data analysis Statistical data analysis Statistical data analysis

HYPOTHESIS 1. (Re-state your hypothesis here)

h0: There is no significant relationship between Person Job Fit and Job Performance

There is a significant relationship between Person Job Fit and Job Performance

Here, the alternate hypothesis is accepted.

HYPOTHESIS 2. That women trust their organisation less than men.

h0: Women do not trust their organisation less than men.

h1: Women trust their organisation less than men.

Results: As a result of the t-test it was found mean trust of women was 4.69 and mean trust of men was 5.48. The p value was less than 0.05. This shown that there is a statistically significant different between trust and male and female.

Here, the alternate hypothesis is accepted.

6. Interview (Textual Data) Analysis

Interview analysis

Theme: 1 Employees’ perceptions of management style in the Division

In the interview analysis it was found that employees are having different perceptions on the management style in the division. In the interview the respondents said that the previous management style was very flexible and supports a friendly environment in the division. Along with this the management style which was used previously is more concern about the employees which is helping the company in employee retention and employee satisfaction as well. On the other hand the respondents said that the present management system is more tasks driven and follows a procedure for completing the tasks. In the current management system no attention is paid on the employee relationships. Respondents said that the present management style does not provide a friendly environment to the employee and is not flexible. According to the present management style the employees are not allowed to take the informal leaves and also have to follow strict rules and regulations. The main issue which was addressed by the respondents in the interview the related to the trust i.e. the new division manager doesn’t trust anyone and the management style also does not supports trust among the employees and the organisation.

Theme: 2 Impact of the perceived management style

In the interview majority of the respondents had mentioned that the perceived management style which is being followed by the organisation currently is having a negative effect on the organisation and its employees. The respondents said that the due to the present management style the employees who are willing to build healthy and friendly environment are not able to cooperate and collaborate with other employee. This is due to the high employee turnover and new recruitments. The respondents said that the present management style is also having an impact on job satisfaction which is in return affecting the quality of work which is being delivered by the employees. Thus perceived management style is having negative impact on the employee performance and is one of the reasons for the current problems in the company.

7. Evidence-based and costed recommendation

On the basis of the above analysis it can be recommended to the company, that the company should introduce an effective training program for employees of the division. This training program should aim at developing the employees’ skills, knowledge and working pattern in such a way those they much cooperate well with the present management style of the organisation (Albdour & Altarawneh, 2014).

This recommendation has been suggested to the company because in the above analysis it was evidenced that the employees are not able to cooperate and collaborate with the present management style which leads to several issues (Karanges, Johnston, Beatson & Lings, 2015).

For implementing this recommendation the company should follows the steps such as:

The company should design effective training program for the employees.

The company should appoint a group of members for arraigning the resources.

The employees will be informed about the training program and its importance

In the next step the training will be conducted

In the last step the company should analyse the effectiveness and success of the training program

The developed training program should be inclusive and should try to develop the skills and should try to teach the employees regarding the perceived management style. Along with this the management style should also aims at maintaining stability among the management of the company and employees. This would help the management in understanding the employees and vice versa. If the training program was conducted in an appropriate manner then it would be more likely to support the management style and should try to develop high employee satisfaction (Anitha, 2014).

Although the training program would be inclusive but also there exists the risk that if the employee resist for the training program then it would become difficult for the company to implement the training program (Mirvis, 2012).

Proper implantation of this recommendation would prove to be beneficial for the company as well as for the employees. This recommendation would have a positive impact on both the company and on the employees by developing a bond between them. Also this would help the company in solving the current issues in the company related to employee engagement. The training program will develop high job satisfaction, employee engagement and motivation. This will help the company in employee retention and high productivity. Along with this employee engagement would lead to decrease in employee return over and will also lead the company towards progress (Wang, & Hsieh, 2013).

For implementing training programme the resources required by the company would be audio-visual aids, trainer and conference room. The training program would be conducted for 4 hour for a particular day. The overall cost of this training program would be 30000 pounds and contingency expenses will be takes as 1000 pounds. No other cost would be included except the trainer’s cost and cost of employees per hour. The trainer will charge around 250 pounds for per hour and the cost of the employee per hour assumed to be 50 pounds (Andrew, & Sofian, 2012).

Individual reflective note

In the current assignment it was found that the management style of the new appointed decision manager is having a negative effect on the company and its employees. I believe that the management style which is current used by the manger is completely different form that which would have been use earlier and it is also evidenced from the case study. For analysing the reason behind the issues related with employee engagement in the company I have conducted a research on it. While doing this project I fell much confident then I felt at the beginning that it would not be able to conduct this study but latter on I felt much confident. Along with this I was much confident about the methods which I have use for conducting the research. I believe that by doing this assignment I got chances to know myself and also to develop my skills and knowledge.

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While conducted the assignment I evaluated that I have positive developed the skills which would also help me in my future projects which might be based on employee engagement. I had also evaluated that this project has helped in understanding the different knowledge and skills required while conducting a research. Along with this it has also helped me in working on my week skills.

In my view this file had provided me an opportunity to expand my knowledge on employee engagement. Along with this it has also helped me in learning the concepts such as employee turnover, employee retention, motivation, job satisfaction, profile job fit and employee performance in the company. Doing this assignment was a positive experience for me and will also help me in my future research projects and assignments.


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Assessment criteria

The portfolio is worth a total of 20% of your module assessment. The grid indicates strengths and weaknesses of each section but does not give weightings in finalising the overall mark awarded.

Assessment criteria
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