Psychogenic and somatogenic perspective:

In the early twentieth century, there were some perspectives regarding the mental illness in the UK, the psychogenic and somatogenic perspective. Psychogenic perspective is concerned with the trauma, stressful life events, learned behaviour and maladaptive thought process (Kasteridis et al. (2019). On the other hand, the somatogenic perspective is based on the biological, biochemical, genetical, hormonal and brain-related mechanism that act as the contributor to the mental illness.


Mental illness in the UK today:

As mentioned by Hughes et al. (2018), although Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG) acknowledged the importance and need of the specialised services in the NHS hospitals for mentally ill people, the needs were not properly addressed by providing by adequate resources to the hospitals. The mental disorders are relatively higher in the case of females across the UK than the male. The poor mental health framework in the NHS hospitals consistently having adverse economic impacts of the UK government. UK government had developed the long-term plan for providing high-quality treatment to mentally ill people, but the plan was not effectively implemented into practice. Like the nineteenth century, in the twentieth century in many countries of the UK such as England and Wales, the mentally ill people are provided with moral treatment. Here humane and respectful techniques are also proposed by the UK government. But the poor fund allocation, lack of modern healthcare infrastructure for mental health and lack of skilled staffs makes the proposal difficult to be implemented.

From Asylum to CAMHS community care:

In the twentieth century, the concept of asylum services had been changed to develop the Child and Adolescent Mental Health Services (CAMHS). Although free community based mental health services provided under CAMHS, the services are not able to meet the specialized needs of mentally handicapped person, such as dementia patients. Kasteridis et al. (2019) mentioned that there are many cases in which children with anxiety and trauma receive the low-quality care from the unskilled healthcare staffs of NHS and the ill-treatment from doctors that impact adversely on children’s psychology.

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Hughes, E., Edmondson, A.J., Onyekwe, I., Quinn, C. and Nolan, F., 2018. Identifying and addressing sexual health in serious mental illness: views of mental health staff working in two National Health Service organizations in England. International Journal of Mental Health Nursing, 27(3), pp.966-974.

Kasteridis, P., Ride, J., Gutacker, N., Aylott, L., Dare, C., Doran, T., Gilbody, S., Goddard, M., Gravelle, H., Kendrick, T. and Mason, A., 2019. Association between antipsychotic polypharmacy and outcomes for people with serious mental illness in England. Psychiatric Services, 70(8), pp.650-656.

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