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Enterprising Behaviors for the Business Professional


The research paper deals with the enterprising behavior for the business professionals. The detailed study of the ethnography of the fast food chain of Greggs, UK. It would also focus on the culture that is followed in the organization. The detailed study of the relationship between the culture and behavior of the workplace, the experiences of the field workers, the observers and the audiences that view the report (Roulet et al.2017). Greggs famous for its sandwiches and salads have been a fast food chain serving the customers of the UK, is the workplace that would be talked about in the analysis. Furthermore the study would focus the way the employees give their service and the customers get it.



Reports have said that the Greggs try their best to give the best performance to their customers. The sandwich and the patties fast food chain of the UK has been aiming to achieve the goal by using certain concepts and techniques and through planning( 2020). The British company delivers its services to attract and hold on with its customers for a longer period of time. Studies reveal that Mennen made a set of speculations in the year 1988 about the modern hypothesis and ideas of strategies related to the Greggs plc. It could be listed as the following:

  • The procedure or the approach that the Greggs follow must be drafted to aid the organization deal with sudden mishaps or changes in the future prospects.
  • Belief in motivation and creativity helps Greggs to hold the market and give a better performance.
  • It has been noticed that the amalgamation is the point of dexterity that the Greggs inherit.
  • Keeping in focus the ways the competitor brand delivers their services to improve their own with context to theirs.

Hence I could state that the set of speculations have enhanced the UK based brand to boost up their business. Through the aid of the transformational strategy the firm has given importance to the employees, technology and the procedures to execute the business in a fluent way(Pearson et al.2019). The enhancement of the business is done by focusing on the different areas and the response of the customers regarding their services. According to me the amalgamation of traditional business strategies and the new innovative technologies have made Greggs one of the demanding top ten fast food chains in the UK.


The well known sausage and sandwich organization has been attracting many hearts for a long time through the fruitful strategies that help them retain their position in the top ten lists with pride. The behavior is the main matter of concern that acts as a tool to bring in the old customers and attract the new customers as well (Wang et al.2019). The supply of freshly prepared foods with a concern for meeting the requirements of their valued customers has helped the Greggs a lot to become a well known brand. Another crucial factor is the behavior of the workers towards the customers. A proper high performance of the employees moulds the conduct of the new customers to rely on the brand with trust and empathy. I have been analyzing a detailed study of the ways that the foundation uses to attract customers and behave accordingly to get it stimulated. Likewise:

  • Proper marketing: The use of proper marketing strategies to make the customers aware of the brand and assembling of the data and further doing analysis on it makes the customers behavior change as they get to know that the organization is providing the products and the services in accordance with their demands(Wilson and Daugherty.2018).
  • Innovation: The proper input of innovative technologies have made the company flourish in the business trend and at the same time there has been behavioral changes in the customers, employees and the employers (Todeschini et al.2017).
  • Productivity: The proper executions means increase in the productivity and hence increase in the customer count. I think this measure helps the business to get boost up rapidly.
  • Evolution of the managerial performance: The development in the managerial performance helps the employees to receive better training resulting in the positive behavior towards the organization and enhancement in dedication.
  • Physical and financial resources: proper service and input of proper capital grows the business and the behavior too plays an important role in this aspect (Pasban and Nojedeh.2016).
  • Profitability: Proper resources, execution, behavior towards the customers help the Greggs plc to become a renowned fast food chain.
  • Customer responsibility: the responsibility of the employees towards the customers is a big way to hold their customers who are regarded as the asset of the organization (Xie et al.2016). Hence I think the behavior plays a pivotal role in the enhancement of the business and increase the name and the fame of Greggs Plc, UK.


Studies reveal that the culture of the organization is also meant to be an important factor that has brought fame in the organization. The culture of the bakery chain has been a pivotal point that makes the business run in an easy go. The ambience offered by the foundation is friendly and gets easily accepted by the customers (Alexander.2016). The culture of the organization to be honest to their customers and provide them with quality, fresh, hot and delicious food makes their customers happy and satisfied. According to me the prime concern is the customers and the culture to make them satisfied could bring good fortune in the future days also.

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The whole studies brought into light the ways and procedures by which the fast food chain Gregg’s of the UK functions. The behavioral, cultural contexts related to the organization. It also brings into focus about the matter of facts and facets I think is important in the organization. The methodology that the firm adapts to be the number one fast food supplier in the UK is given in detail. Hence it could be concluded that the research focuses on the facts and facets to improvise the ways that the Gregg’s inherit for their renowned company to serve their valued customers with high quality food and beverages.

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