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Pestel Analysis On The Firms Operating Environment

Executive Summary

This works summarizes the systematic developments of a fabric company. There are different aspects observed for the development of key drivers and changing all standards of living. Steps are provided in cooperation of managing business in specific environment. There is total management of company data seen for diverse authorization and analyzing the significant changes. This company has worked as a supplier for the UK fashion industry quite some time and needs to improve business process.



This research is focused on a selected company Vend fabrics limited located in the UK. This company is associated with clothing manufacturers and wholesalers. Here, UK based pestle analysis is conducted for the organization that builds up home sewing, fashion since 1972 (, 2020). This firm’s business environment is analyzed and key drivers of changes are identified. This company has worked as a supplier for the UK fashion industry quite some time and currently working with loopback sweatshirting. In this context, key drivers of change have been analyzed to ensure proper business growth of this organization.

Pestel analysis

UK based firm’s pestle analysis:

drivers drivers drivers

This table clearly shows the results of pestle analysis and the factors that are going to be suitable for the chosen firm’s business environment development. In this scenario the firm can be fitted well and develop business (Vanchan,Mulhall and Bryson, 2018). Firm’s business environment analysis gives a view of factors to be enforced for development. These organization sales especially developed polyester jerseys that are sold at various price points and starting at the range as low as 3.80 pounds.

Key drivers of change

Key drivers of this organization are associated with leadership’s behavioral management. It requires for a change is to solve gender discrimination and make the workplace better. Diverse economical and legal factors need to be analyzed in order to provide better customer services. Some essential steps are:

Improving customer communication Indulging in interactive online selling Business process automation and uses of information system for record management (Tangand Demeritt, 2018) Opportunity for entrepreneurs and giving work option to unemployed Ethnic varieties should be taken into consideration HRM is required to be created to manage the internal issues of employees Employee should be given training on uses of B2B modules for better business management Focusing is required for lower income groups as well middle class people Following transformational strategy is required for leadership stability

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This article has summarized the significant options that require a change for the chosen organization Vend fabrics limited. This organization is highly associated with the core modules of cheap manufacturing cost and delivering the best ever product to customers.



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Website, 2020. [Online], Available at: [Accessed on 14/04/2021]

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