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Communication is effective way to share the experience and own understand with others and it further enhance the performance of the team members to achieve success in near future (Oetzel, 2017). The study demonstrates the benefits of communication and reflecting on the effects of communication on the performance, behaviour and experience of the individuals.

Demonstrating experience of effective communication

Description of the events:


Communication is effective for both the personal and professional context, where the individual can enhance the performance and achieve the future success. In the professional field, communication plays a crucial role to share the experience and knowledge at the workplace where it is also possible to maximise the performance of the individuals (Lasater, 2019). In this regard, there is verbal and non-verbal communication through which it is possible to enhance communication among the workers. I try to focus on both the verbal and non-verbal communication in the workplace. In this regard, the verbal communication in the workplace can be done through open discussion, group discussion, general meeting and the managers also enhance communication through telephonic conversation, implementing the Information and Communication Technology (ICT) and sending email where the staff members try to communicate with each other. On the other hand, the non-verbal communication is such s eye contact, appearance, gesture, tone of voice and facial expression (Tripathy, 2018). It is necessary to improve verbal and non-verbal communication to enhance the performance and improve behaviour in the internal workplace so that it is possible for the employees t interacts with others.

In my workplace, I try to enhance communication so that I can share my knowledge and gather more experience from others through communication. I also try to attend the general meeting and participate actively in the group discussion for improving the communication skill as communication is necessary at the organisational context for improving own performance and gather more knowledge and understanding in future. Better communication is effective for better control and management in the workplace. Advanced professional image and better response of all can be enhanced where communication is beneficial to cooperate with each other and develop partnership working practice. High communicative workplace is also suitable for developing effective organisational decision and makes the workplace more productive and efficient in contributing positively for achieving the professional goal and organisational objective (Osborne and Hammoud, 2017).

Analysing the event:

The reflective model of Driscoll is effective to share own experience regarding the workplace communication. According to the model, it is necessary to share own experience and describe the event at the workplace. Reflecting the experience and evaluating the event are also necessary to identify the necessity of improving own skill and abilities in the workplace. The model is also effective to develop proper planning to accomplish the event and enhance learning experience (Zychlinski, Mandelbaum and Momčilović, 2018).

Figure 1: Driscoll's Model of Reflection

Driscoll's Model of Reflection

As per my experience, I tried hard to communicate with others, but due to language gap and lack of interactive skill, it was difficult for me to interact with others. Due to lack of interactive skill, I also faced problems in attending positively in the group discussion and general meeting where I faced problems in sharing my experience and knowledge with others. In this regard, I realise that, it is necessary for me to improve communicative skill to take active part in the workplace, so that I can gather more experience and improve my knowledge and technical skill to perform better in future. In this regard, the colleagues at the workplace are helpful and cooperative to improve my participation and they are also friendly and help me to enhance my communication skill. I try to utilise the organisational infrastructure such as computerised system for sending email, ICT and telephones for develop conversation directly with others. I also try to be expressive and improve my verbal communication skill to interact with others.

Reflecting on communication affecting individual performance, behaviour and experience

Communication at the workplace is hereby beneficial to share responsibility and experience at the workplace where the team members try to be collaborative to perform better and contribute efficiently to achieve future success. Communication in professional field is helpful for me to share my knowledge and gather more experience from my colleagues which in turn help me to improve my workplace skill. This in turn provides a scope to me to maximise my performance and improve my efficiency so that the professional goal can be achieved. Moreover, the behaviour ad interpersonal skill can also be improved through improving communication and cooperation, where I start understanding other’s perception and it becomes easy for me to interact with others at the workplace.

Positive attitude and polite behaviour can be improved and the practice of improving communication further helps me to develop string relationship with other colleagues at the workplace. Reviewing my experience, I realise that, it is necessary to improve by communication skill, so that I can gather more experience and knowledge in the workplace. Improving communication skill through enhancing my verbal communication and managing positive attitude ad body language are helpful for me to improve my behaviour towards others at the workplace and contribute positively in the workplace for developing partnership working practice, where all the members can collaborate and communicate to maximise efficiently and performance of the individuals. In this regard, I also focus on improving body language and maintain positive attitude to interact with others, so that it is possible for me to improve my interactive skill and enhance communication at the workplace.


The study is helpful for me to share own experience about the skill of communication as communication is playing crucial role to improve the performance in the workplace where it is possible to enhance performance and achieve the personal and professional goal. As per the planning for learning and development, I need to develop my verbal communication skill more and express my feelings and share my knowledge in a simple and concise way so that others can understand my perception and they can interact with me further.

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