Educational system and the role of local nursery school in society

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  • Published On: 17-11-2023


In the recent era of globalisation, there is technological advancement as well as strategic changes in the education, where the professionals and peers try to adopt new ways to educate the children in the society. There is structured educational system through which the recent trend of education in the society can be evaluated in this study. The study is also effective to identify the practice of local nursery as well as acknowledge the existing issues so that it would be possible to evaluate the educational practice. Moreover, the last part of the study is related to providing suitable recommendations to enhance the educational activities so that there would be serious impacts on the society.

Recent trends

Education system has been upgraded from the initial phase and there is recently a structured process of hiring the professionals, career of the children, creating good environment, and self-care management, peer management in the schools and technological advancement which provides a scope to develop a systematic way to teach the children in the society. There is hereby a positive impact of the recent educational trend, where the children can take part and initiatives in the nursery schools to show their creativity and learn more through gathering experience. For example, the UK and USA are successful to have 99.9% literacy rate in the society where the children are going to schools for better education and getting better environment for their physical and mental health development (Haslip and Gullo, 2018). The recent educational system is also changed over the past few years, where the major changes are such as self-care and personalise learning, where the children are able to take care of themselves and they there is structured process to develop their social skill. Apart from the educational activities, the peers try to improve their social skill, interactive skill and self-care management, through which the students are able to take care of themselves by feeding, playing, fulfilling own needs in the nursery schools. This further helps the children to develop self-dependent activities where they can manage themselves in the environment (Berti, Cigala and Sharmahd, 2019). This is a new trend of education, where the peers are concerned about self-care management among the children, and it is beneficial for the children as well as for the parents, as maximum numbers of parents are working recently and the behaviour of self-care management among the children is fruitful where they can fulfil basic needs at home.


On the other hand, technology plays a crucial role in the recent educational system, where the Smartphone application as well as the computerised system, projectors and animations are utilised for teaching the children in the nursery schools. These are the effective technological advancement in the nursery schools, where the students are able to understand the learning activities and they can grab the new information and explore more information accordingly. In the recent pandemic era of COVID 19, there is Smartphone technological application, through which the students are learning due to social distancing and it is considered as recent trend in managing educational activities even after such pandemic situation across the globe (Megalonidou, 2020). Additionally, there is greater emphasis on the physical fitness management where the children are able to take care of their own physical health and in this regard, there is physical activity sessions, indoor and outdoor gaming sessions arranged in the nursery schools, for the benefits of the students. This is effective for physical and mental health development, where the students are able to be fit and healthy.

Creating good environment to learn more is another recent trend in education, where the children are getting friendly atmosphere with cooperation and communication, in which they can interact with other students and professionals as well as communicate with them successfully (Cameron and Moss, 2020). Such friendly atmosphere is effective for the children to develop their social skill as well as improve their communication skill and cooperative skill. The children can learn team building activities and additionally, they are also able to represent themselves inform of others without any hesitation or shy. Such activities and trends in the education system are beneficial for the students to take active part in the schools and contribute efficiently in the learning and developmental activities. They are also able to manage their self-learning assessment, self-care and improve physical and mental health in long run (Al-Qinneh and Abu-Ayyash, 2020).

Analysis of the organisational practice

The local nursery school, playschool is playing an important role for the educational system in the society where the educational activities, including playing and learning activities are good for the children in the society. The parents and career are trying to admit the children in the local nursery school, where the playing sessions and learning activities are important for the children to get proper environment for learning and development (Bradbury, 2019). The children are trying to cooperate and they seek help to learn and explore more interesting thoughts. The educational professionals try to cooperate and communicate with the children for learning and development. There is effective coursework for the children, where the indoor and outdoor games are arranged for the children. The children are encouraged continuously to take an active part in the playing sessions, where they are happy to participate and play with others. This further helps them to increase their participation and develop social skills. The children get proper support and cooperation from the peers, where they are able to participate in different learning and developmental activities and explore new learning and information to improve their knowledge and skill (Danziger Halperin, 2018). The mathematical skills as well as communication and cooperation skill are also important for further learning and development.

The education professionals are also efficient to manage the children at the local nursery schools, where there are play garden, as well as indoor games, through which the children can improve their knowledge, and they can understand the ways of interacting with others, improve their language and written skill as well. In this regard, the children are also able to manage their social skill and self-care. The school environment is effective where the peers are also trying to provide different activities such as drawing, storytelling, counting the building blocks, preparing the blocks as well as learning through identifying the pictures. These are the major activities to develop skill and knowledge among the children (Vong and Vong, 2017). These are the successful strategies through which the children are able to improve their understanding and increase knowledge through learning and development. Hereby, the local nursery schools are effective to provide a suitable atmosphere to the children for learning and development.

However, in the recent years, there are some issues, for which the peers fail to manage the children individually. As the age of the children in the local nursery school are between 2 to 5 years, they need individual care to develop their knowledge and social skill. Due to huge numbers of children present in the school, the peers fail to protect the children and treat them individually (Acar-Ciftci, 2020). The teaching professionals fail to understand the mental health and behaviour of the children in the care home, as they cannot understand the reason of anxiety or mood swing among the children, which raise issues for the peers to manage the children and protect them successfully. Moreover, lack of funding in the schools as well as poor management are other issues in the primary education system, where the children are not guided efficiently and the teaching professionals also fail to manage them successfully (Scarzello, Arace and Prino, 2016). The nursery school also fails to implement new technology for educating the children with latest pictures, sound system, as in the recent years, technology is important for learning and developmental activities, where the teaching professionals provide training and learning activities through computerised programming, sound and pictures which attract the child and boosts their interest to participate in the learning and developmental programs. These are the major issues of the local nursery, where the teaching professionals sometime fail to understand the emotion of the children and hereby they are not able to protect the children and it deteriorates the activities related to learning and development.

Suggested recommendations

It is necessary for the nursery play school to develop further strategic planning in order to manage their operations and secure future sustainable development. It is the role of the education authority to support the local nursery school so that it would be possible for the nursery school to guide the children and increase their participation in long run. Firstly, it is mandatory to improve management of the school with suitable management with high cooperation and communication (Berti, Cigala and Sharmahd, 2019). The teaching professionals must arrange meeting with the parents within regular interval to understand the children personally. This further helps the teaching staff to acknowledge the child’s emotion and interact with them accordingly for creating good bonding and developing trust and loyalty (Vong and Vong, 2017). The teaching professionals must provide the information about values and social skill to all the children in the nursery school, so that the children can understand their personal valued and improve social skill in long run. Continuous communication through one to one interaction is mandatory strategy for the school, so that the teaching professionals can interact with each child and develop bonding (Cameron and Moss, 2020). The children must be protected under safety and security in the school and in this regard the nursery school must provide safe environment so that the children can act securely and stay safe in the schools. The teaching professionals also must focus on increasing the language among the children through communication and it is helpful to improve verbal communication among the children as well as designing the self-care management in the school is also another major suggestion for the school, where the children can fulfil own needs. The teaching staff must inform the students about self-care management so that they can eat, drink and dress up own their own.

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On the other hand, the nursery school must focus on designing the learning and developmental programs efficiently to support the children successfully. In this regard, in the playground of the school, it is necessary to arrange the exercise session and sports for the children, so that they can participate and improve their physical and mental health. This is one of the effective strategies for the school to improve knowledge and physical activities among the children. In addition to this, the teaching professionals also need to design computerised videos and audios to teach the children (Al-Qinneh and Abu-Ayyash, 2020). The learning and developmental activities through creating videos, picture of the animals, objects and mathematics as well as the audio sessions are latest creativity of the teaching staff, where they can teach the children and encourage them to participate in the learning and developmental activities. Through continuous learning and development programs, the teaching professionals can support the children and help them to understand the learning session. The audio visual activities further motivate the children to participate and explore more new information further (Scarzello, Arace and Prino, 2016). These activities are also beneficial for creating innovative learning and developmental session that could help the children to develop physical and mental health. The children can improve their learning skills, social skill, improve their language and communication skill which are beneficial for further personal growth and professional development. Hence, the nursery school is crucial for guiding the children and lead them by ensuring skill and knowledge development, parent teacher meeting, continuous communication and individual care in the school further create values for the children, where the children are also feeling special and they are motivated to take active part for further knowledge enhancement (Acar-Ciftci, 2020).


Nursery school plays an important role on the social development; where the learning and developmental activities are effective for the children to improve their physical and mental health, explore new information, improve their personal skill and social skill as well (Danziger Halperin, 2018). The nursery school must also focus on creating innovative learning session with exercise and sport arrangement so that the children are motivated continuously.

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