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  • Published On: 24-11-2023

The concept of education keeps on changing categorically for the last couple of years. Traditional or being physically present in school is not only the option for learning in present days. Several portals are available for enabling the students and professionals to find and compare their study options across borders. Online learning is much more acceptable in today's life than the traditional way of imparting education. It includes online chats with high end professors, video and audio classes, animation, test and even virtual training from expertises. The impact of online education enables students to learn synchronously as per their need.

The aim of this essay is to focus on students’ involvement in higher studies and career-oriented needs that are associated with variety of institutions involved in higher education. It also throws light on focusing on alternative ways to reach diverse students from different locations as well.


According to the first article, Snow et al. (2020), it has been represented with underlying theme of online education or e-Learning has a vast impact in today's life. The trend of online education and distance education enrollment is continuously increasing compared to those of overall higher education. For both traditionally and online learning faculty and teachers plays a vital role. Faculties are the primary one to identify the courses that are mostly acceptable by the diverse student but also control the quality of courses offered.

The impact of online learning in schools of business is based on two primary aspects; the teaching faculty and the number of student enrollment (Snow et al. 2020). However, concern over the quality of education imparted to the students continues to be an issue. The academic institutes involved with online education offers an extensive set of professional development and institutional advancement through expert guidance, best practice publication, community driven conference, original research and so on.

However, Allen et al. (2014), has contradicted with the majority of academic institutes claim that the learning outcome for online education than that of face to face instruction. Whereas a section believes that the learning outcomes for online education are inferior to those of face to face. Nevertheless, the academic leader remains more positive about the learning outcome for blended or hybrid instruction than that of online education. Many academic institutes are involved in massive open online courses (MOOC)- a course of study available on the internet platform with no cost involvement to a very large number of the population. The concern of imparting quality education continues to be an issue. In fact, the majority of school of business determines to have quality assurance measures but lastly they have very less emphasis on quality of faculty and emphasis on the number of students enrolled.

Moreover, from the last twelve years the trend of distance program and course online is on continuous growth but learning modality by the faculties has not remarkably improved. This course has been designed to educate for unlimited participation and open access via the web whereas; no acknowledgement is given to the students for completion of massive open online courses (MOOC) (Allen et al. 2014, pg.8). It seems that Business schools are focusing not only for online education to the graduate or undergraduate students but also to the professional to improve and develop their working skills in their respective fields.

E-Learning is aimed to know about the nature and scope of online education. Compared to very few institutes there has been a massive open online course, where the system of e-learning is to identify the measures indicators that are required to form a model. Many institutes have an existing recommendation of the courses of online education compared to the practices to assist. From the derived data it has been evaluated that online learning is continuously growing for the students involved in distance study (Snow et al. 2020). Not only graduate students had enrolled, even the undergraduate student had also enrolled for distance study. However, the rate of enrollment is higher in the level of undergraduates. Most of the academic institutes engaged with online education claim that their faculty accepts the value of justice of online education. Distance education has a wide range of acceptance among the professionals for promotional development and improvement in their workplace (Allen et al. 2014). The impact of online studies is widely accepted by the diverse students and professionals to meet their needs according to their availability of time.

Apart from that in the article of Snow et al. (2020), the structure has been formed as statistical data revealing on enrollment students at their distant education courses. Even with the barriers, colleges and institutes enroll more than two billion students exclusively at distance studies via online platforms around the world. The impact of novel corona-virus disease (COVID-19) had critically affected the system of education. On the contrary, as per Allen et al (2014), it was structured in the form of a research paper designed to study with methods used for collecting data and its analysis. This research study surveyed that the academic institutes or business schools to identify their online learning strategies and operations. Hence, it was understood that that distance study via online portals open a vast scope to the students to compare their options studies with flexibility and scalability across the world. In 2020 the outbreak of the novel corona-virus had a lasting effect on education.

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Based on the above comparison of different perceptions and themes of articles, it could be acknowledged that education is a bond between students and education providers. Considering the present trend and scenario, online education is being accepted globally to meet the needs of education that enables students to learn synchronously. Therefore, diverse world academic institutes are looking for innovative ways to accommodate the high education students. Business schools are also getting involved and engaged to find out ways to accommodate these learners. Study skills in the contemporary session had its inclined more towards online learning and blended or hybrid than that of traditional ways of imparting education.

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Allen, I. E., & Seaman, J. (2014). Online report card: Tracking online education in the United States. Babson Survey Research Group. Retrieved from https://onlinelearningsurvey.com/reports/onlinereportcard.pdf

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