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How Note-Taking Enhances Learning

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  • Published On: 09-11-2023


Note-taking is referred to the method that includes recording information in different manners such as writing, audio, video and others from different sources such as classroom lecture and others. In this essay, the importance and significance of note-taking and its steps are to be discussed along different notes taking techniques are to be analysed. Moreover, short-term and long-term study goals with study plan are to be presented.

LO1 Discussing the importance of taking notes and significance of its steps

The importance of notes taking is that it helps individuals in the classroom to remain concentrated or focussed in listening to the lecture or reading any book. This is because in taking down notes, people require to actively show attention to the details being mentioned so that they can understand the important points that they write down as notes (Sylvia, 2020). The note-taking is also important as it helps students to remember and understand vital information from lectures along with make effective connection with studies. This is evident as note-taking leads students to be actively engaged in jotting down ideas making them memorise the facts and information being shared in the class which after being referred in personal study assist the student to relate the information and develop improved understanding (Sylvia, 2020). The note-taking is important because it provides opportunity to the students to keep a personal record of what they have already learnt along with assist them to record questions and ideas taught in the class. In addition, note-taking is important as it helps students to use the information in effectively structuring their assignments to get better marks and execute enhanced way of researching to present vital information being asked to be mentioned (Sylvia, 2020).


The significance of going through the notes already taken before the class is that it allows the students to memorise the ideas and concepts already been discussed in the class. Moreover, it is significant as it leads the students to be able to effectively relate to the new lecture ideas which are based on previous concepts (Sylvia, 2020). The significance of note-taking during the class is that it leads students to be focussed on the lecture and take down important facts and ideas as proper notes to be used later. The other significance is that it leads the students to effectively consume the ideas and concepts being discussed as well as immediately leads them to ask certain doubts being faced by them (Sylvia, 2020). The significance of going through the notes taken after the class is that it helps the students to compare their written or recorded notes with others to determine which concepts they missed to jot down that is otherwise vital for their studies. The other significance in notes taken after class is that it helps students to determine marginal questions and phrases that could be vital for the exams (Sylvia, 2020).

LO2 Identifying and evaluating different notes taking techniques

The different notes taking method that could be used by students are as follows:

Cornell Method: In this method, vertical lines are to be drawn on the left side of the paper which is nearly 2.5 inches to the left and a vertical line has to be drawn 6 inches to the right. In the bottom part, 2 inches breath is to be left and demarcated by a line. In the right part of the page, the key ideas are to be mentioned and in the left part of the page, the main questions are to be mentioned with summarised notes to be written in the bottom (Yuniarti and Trisnawati, 2018). The benefit of this method is that it promotes well-organised system of note-taking with less editing chances and better accuracy. However, the limitation is that it requires enhanced experience to accurately use the method (Syafii, 2019).

Outlining method: In this method, standard lines are drawn where based on the level of the topic each note is written from the above. The benefit of the method is that it allows easy review and systematic recording of notes. However, the limitation is that it needs enhanced thinking in presenting and organising the information which is difficult to be maintained while taking down fast notes during speedy lectures (Haley, 2016).

Charting method: In this method, a table is developed for taking down notes regarding each topic in the class with specific mention of keywords and ideas in the notes. The significance of the method is that it provides an easy review of notes but the limitation is that it makes the student require increased time in writing down notes by following the method that may not available in the fast lectures (Phan, 2020).

Sentence method: In this method, each idea is to be written down in sentence on separate lines. The importance of the method is that it allows information to be written down in organised manner in for of paragraphs. The disadvantage is that it leads the students to face hardships in identifying and determining minor and major points in the notes along with creates difficulty for students to review the facts. It is mainly effective when increased amount of information and ideas are to be noted down (Haley, 2016).

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Mapping method: In this method, the central idea is noted down and lines are created from it to mention the different concepts linking with the idea. It is effective to lower unnecessary writing and promoted easy review but the limitation is that it creates hardship for the students to determine the way to use the system (Çoban and Selçuk, 2017).

LO1 Setting short-term and long-term goal and planning study

Short-Term Goal:

To improve note-taking technique in the classroom for fast lectures

Long-Term Goals:

To enhance analysis and review of notes taken in the classroom

Study Plan:

Study Plan: Study Plan:

LO2 Identifying technique for developing retention and comprehension

The retention and comprehension could be developed by the students through extensive reading of various articles and books regarding topics. This is because it would expand the way student’s view and understand things making them develop enhanced perspective to differentially comprehend similar topic and retain information. The students also need to write notes of interesting ideas and concepts so that their description is more easily remembered by the students, in turn, allowing them to comprehend facts in a better way (Hasanah et al., 2017).


The above discussion mention that note-taking is important to establish systematic and improved learning. The different methods of note-taking are Cornell method, sentence method, mapping method and others. The retention and comprehension can be developed with enhanced reading, taking down notes and others.


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