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Mapping Future Success

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  • Published On: 6-12-2023

Marcus Aurelius had famously said, “A man’s worth is no greater than the worth of his ambitions.” If that holds true, then the aspirations of a man’s professional life is what makes him successful. Good morning to all present, today, I am going to be making a presentation on three of the GSBL courses that I am most interested in pursuing in the future.

My inclinations towards particular fields of study come from the long-term vision of the kind of career I would like to have, and that is what I have based my presentation on. The presentation is structured around three aspects, namely what the course offers, and why I want to choose that path, what I believe are the advantages of the course and what are the future prospects of the course.


SLIDE 1: The first course I will be speaking about is BSc in Airline, Airport and Aviation management. The course also focuses on understanding the businesses in context of the environment they operate in.

The course modules on understanding management through the perspective of managing an aviation related industry, which is an area of interest for me. The university offers industry experts in the forms of lecturers who would provide me with the exposure I need in this field. Because I am very interested in the practical applications part of the subject, I want to work in the field immediately and the technical aspects of the education allow me to do so.

There are over 3500 apprentice positions in only the UK for this particular work and the employment scope is only expected to grow further down the road.

SLIDE 2: Speaking of skills, I believe that my abilities in maintaining open communication channels with people, whether personally or professionally, will help me enormously in this industry. The industry requires skills related to adapting to dynamism and work well in a team. Additionally, I hope to develop my skills further by pursuing modules like these and keeping myself up-to-date through reading literature, which will be fuelled by my passion.

SLIDE 3: The next course I will be speaking of is BA in Fashion Marketing and Business Management. The course offers modules on the creative and theoretical aspects of fashion, while simultaneously offering modules on the marketing aspects of fashion.

The biggest advantage of this course is that it teaches operations of the fashion industry and the principles of business in an interconnected fashion, which has been taught in a through modules. The module structure is beneficial to the learning process. The city of London is understood to be a ‘fashion city’ and the overall learning environment of the university is conducive to the promotion of an all-rounded education in fashion, where the learning doesn’t stop outside the classroom.

SLIDE 4: This industry requires individuals to understand client needs and be realistic about the commercial side of the industry and I believe my skills are intimate understanding into market needs and investigative and problem solving approach to issue. The module taking place in a metropolitan city will give me an all-round, practicable skillset, useful for professional life.

SLIDE 5: The last course I will be speaking of is BSc in Economics. The course entails the study of critical thinking on the core principles of economics and understanding decision making in economics.

The reason I want to pursue this course is because LMU provides an excellent research facilities and resources to achieve an all rounded education. The highly skilled faculty and the prestigious alumni of the university affords me an extra-academic advantage. Additionally, I may choose to transfer my degree to banking, finance and/or international business if I want to explore other options.

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SLIDE 6: The module requires a strong academic interest and organisational abilities in a student. I am organised in recording academic notes and I am extremely inclined towards research, which is also why I want to pursue this course. The course requires good note making, time management and research abilities and the university will provide with seminars and lectures which will enhance the skills. Also, the strong research and alumni base will support me.

Concluding remarks: There are a variety of subjects I am interested in, as apparent by the presentation. I find the course on Airline and Aviation to be most suited to my interests and abilities as I am excited by the prospect of troubleshooting and operationalising the aviation industry and I perceive it to become a very fruitful industry, employment wise.

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